Just Some Gangsta Thoughts

7 Dec

Oh, hey guys. Do you ever feel…thug? Because right now, as I sit in suburbia/skip Teen Mom 2’s season premiere to write this entry, I do. I just want to share with you my innermost thoughts about the Tupac/Biggie beef, then I’ll go to bed. If you don’t know what the Tupac/Biggie beef is, maybe you should listen to the song entitled, “Hit Em Up” while you smoke some crack cocaine. Don’t worry, I’m just being humorous…crack is whack. I don’t typically like to take sides, in any disagreement. Call me Switzerland, or Molly…either or I respond to. But to be honest, I’d sport a “Team Tupac” shirt if they sold them. Sorry Mr. B-Smalls…I love you, but…WEST SIDE! Here’s why:

  • The picture above: That picture was HTML’ed into my Myspace layout at one point. Do you remember Myspace?  Just look at that glock tucked into Pac’s pantelones! He is ready to shoot anyone who fucks with me! That means, anyone who gives me a parking ticket, anyone who doesn’t like my blog, anyone who says Weymouth is better than Quincy, anyone in Commonwealth’s dance area, anyone who is anti Molly in general. Thug life is a great motto! Maybe I’ll get a thug life tramp stamp.

  • Poetic Justice was a decent movie: Tupac’s name was Lucky in this movie.  And that reminds me of the song “Lucky” by Britney Spears. Tupac played a mailman in the movie, and my dad was a mailman, and I like my dad. I am also a Janet Jackson fan.
  • I Rep’ed the West Side for 1 year: When I lived at college for one year before getting so terribly homesick for Quincy, I lived on the West Side of campus. I also resided in the most ghetto building on campus. That made me feel like me and Pac were one. It was like I could relate to the struggle. Like, why did the East Side of campus have the bookstore & the West Side just have the library? Are we too poor to buy books so we have to rent them? Not to mention, I don’t want to walk. That’s whack! It’s time to see some changes. Can’t a sister get a little peace?
  • Conspiracy Theory: There is a conspiracy theory that Tupac is still alive, and conspiracy theories make me laugh because people are so stupid. If you don’t know about the conspiracy theory, that means you are stupid, too, and maybe you should listen to Dave Chappelle’s song entitled, “I Wrote This Song In ’94”.
  • Biggie started it: It sounds immature, but Biggie started it. Seriously, he wrote “Who Shot Ya?”. That made Tupac about as angry as I was at Rider Strong before he didn’t retweet me. Rapping a diss back in the 90’s was on par with not retweeting nowadays. Disrespectful!
  • Tupac’s posse was cooler: Tupac ran with Dre. and Snoop Dogg. Biggie ran with Puff Daddy and he changed his name to P. Diddy. That’s really lame.

So anyways, that is why I am Team Tupac. I suggest that when you get out of work today, you go to the nearest packy and purchase a 40 ounce of Steel Reserve. Then I suggest that you rile up some of your homies from the neighborhood. Then I strongly suggest that you unscrew the cap to that 40 ounce & pour some of that liquid out onto the pavement, or grass, or mulch, or carpet, or whatever floor you have, for my homie Pac. Then say, “Thug life, baby! “, and talk in ebonics for about 5 minutes. After you express your inner gangsta, you can go back to your usual Wednesday evening routine, like watch “American Horror Story” & drink wine or something.


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