My Favorite Bahhh’s: Featuring Biddy Early’s

19 Dec

Okay, so in writing this blog, I’ve decided to share with you some of my personal experiences, like a Kardashian would, only I’m not a total douchebag making money off of you (trust me, I’m poor & don’t have a bum like that). Therefore, I need to tell you about what I do in my spare time. You know, like, my hobbies and shit. And my #1 hobby involves the bar scene. So, every couple of weeks I am going to inform you, a reader who probably doesn’t give a shit, where my favorite watering hole is & why it’s my fave. Then you can check it out when you are in the area. Sound good? No? Oh, well!

The very first place I’m going to share with you is maybe a place you’ve been to before, and probably seen yours truly at. Biddy Early’s is hands down my favorite bar in Boston/of all time. Located in Boston’s financial district (near the corner on Pearl St. to be exact), Biddy’s is a modest looking Irish pub owned by friends of mine from high school, these 2 Irish minus the brogue guys, Sean & Darragh, who are twins but don’t really look like twins…at all. They run the place, along with a couple of other guys and a girl, and are working hard all the time to keep their patrons far from parched. What makes this place stand out, besides how awesome the Biddy Burger & onion rings are, is the service. The owners and bartenders are the most down to earth guys that you want to kick back and joke around with while you wet your whistle (at a reasonable price!).

Going into Boston can be such a pain in the ass when you consider all the time you spend waiting in lines to get into places, and then waiting in another line just to get a beer…there is none of that shit at this place. Biddy’s gets a pretty big crowd, especially during their rush time when young professionals are getting off of work, but even then you don’t have to wait around very long for a drink – these guys are on it. They hustle and it shows. Biddy’s is a great place to go with friends to get some food & drinks while you watch the game, or if you are like me & don’t care about sports, it’s a great place to pretend to watch the game… complete with big ass flat screen TV’s hanging up that you can see no matter where you are sitting. I’m the kind of girl that likes to relax with friends in a pub environment without clubby/mechanical bull riding bullshit, and Biddy’s is that kind of place. But in case you get in the dancing mood, Biddy’s has the best jukebox ever, and on some nights there is a DJ. My friends threw me a big surprise birthday party there a couple of years ago, and I danced like Elaine Benes the night away. But, I can’t forget about the most important element of what makes a bar awesome: the booze. Biddy’s keeps up with what people are drinking, I’ve never heard a Biddy’s bartender say they don’t have something, and they make damn good drinks. So next time your looking for a bar to go to that has cheap beer, friendly service, and good music, without being a sausage fest,  you know where to go. And don’t complain about driving in, it’s a two minute walk from South Station. No excuses! Tell them you are there because Molly said so.  Look how happy my biddies and I are:


One Response to “My Favorite Bahhh’s: Featuring Biddy Early’s”

  1. stephanie December 19, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    I wanna go to Biddy…………… NOW

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