Another Useless Thought with Shaun Maloof: Clouds

20 Jan

Another Useless Thought with Shaun Maloof: Clouds

The other night I had a dream that I was a cloud traveling the world with another cloud. Have you ever wanted to be a cloud? If you said yes, consider yourself strange. Anyways, here’s a conversation between two clouds as they travel the world. Please note cloud 1 = c1 and cloud 2 = c2.
Somewhere over the shores of California
C1- Sweet California.  I’ve always wanted to come here and it’s about damn time I did.
C2- yea California is pretty awesome.
C1- hey look a surfer. Fall fall fall. Come on.
C2- uh oh look do you see that?
C1- YES!!! A shark. Maybe he’ll get eaten. That would be awesome.
C2- that would not be awesome. That would be sick. I hope he doesn’t get. Damn.
C1- fuck yeah look at that he lost his leg. Holy shit!! Thank you god.
C2- okay that’s gross lets get outta here.
Somewhere over Kansas
C1- this sucks.
C2- I agree. Time to leave.
Somewhere over Jamaica
C1- hey mon. we in Jamaica mon. Haha.
C2- yes thank you I know that.
C1- we are Jamaican bobsled team!
C2- what?
C1- don’t tell me you’ve never seen cool runnings.
C2- cool what?
C1- come on dude. John Candy? 4 Jamaicans? Doesn’t ring a bell?
C2- nope never heard of it.
C1- whatever. Hey lets get high.
C2- we are high
C1- not that kind of high I mean marijuana high.
C2- we can’t. We lack arms.
C1- oh yea. Lets get outta here then.
Somewhere over France
C1- je ne portez pantalons.
C2- say what?
C1- it French for “I don’t wear pants.”
C2- ok I guess that’s true, you are a cloud.
C1- hey hey watch this. (Cloud 1 turns grey and starts to rain) HAHAHAHA. It’s like I’m pissing on the French.
C2- hahaha that’s fantastic. I hate the French.
C1- yea they suck. Want to get outta here?
C2- yup
Somewhere over China
C1-whats up with this wall? Are people still attacking china?
C2- read a history book will you. This wall is more of a tourist attraction now.
C1- so people come here just to walk on the wall? That’s stupid.
C2- yea I guess so.
C1- you guess so? You mean I agree.
C2- sure whatever. Can we go now?
C1- yup. Konichiwa bitches!!
C2- I’m pretty sure that Japanese.
C1- oops. Well I don’t know Chinese so I’ll just say adios.
C2- yea that’s better you ignorant fuck.
C1- whatever. I’m leaving. You coming?
C2- yup where to now?
Somewhere over California again
C2- back to Cali huh.
C1- can you blame me? This place is spectacular.
C2- yea it is pretty gnarly.
C1- see you like it here. I can tell because you’re talking like a Californian. Maybe I should get an apartment here.
C2- again, you’re a cloud.
C1- stop shattering my dreams asshole.
C2- *sigh* you know I might stay here too. It’s nice and relaxed.
C1- I suggest you do. It’s much better than that time we went to Kansas.
The end.
Ps- this blog made no sense.

One Response to “Another Useless Thought with Shaun Maloof: Clouds”

  1. Jay January 23, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    This is by far my FAVORITE post…. I love it… Amazing

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