What I Did This Weekend

27 Feb

Went to a Nicki Minaj concert!!!!! Actually, that’s a drag queen named Destiny from Jacques Cabaret in Boston. But doesn’t she look like Nicki Minaj? Ladies, if you want to have a hilariously good time, go to this place. It’s fucking fun. Make it a ladies night. Or bring your boyfriend, but trust that they will be all over him.

Got some Real Deal: Go to Jamaica Plain and find this place. Get some buffalo chicken. Or get anything you want. It’s all Maybe you’ll have a Barney sighting.Utilized Pinterest: It was a very sober Saturday for Molly. It was also filled with funfetti flavored baked goods. See those icecream cone cupcakes? I made those. But not those exact ones…because this is how it looks in real life: Not quite as fancy as Pinterest makes them look. Not to mention I burnt the shit out of the second batch and overflowed every single cone. Whatever. And because I love funfetti flavoring way too much, I also made this shit: Funfetti cake flavored fudge. Do you like how I ate half of a piece then put it back into the pan to take a picture of it? Perfect!

Got Dutch-Ovened: My boyfriend is a man-child. This is not humorous.

Sleep: I slept.

…………………………………………………….That is  all.


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