Love Advice

29 Feb

Holy Shit. Instead of sending me a bad dating story, someone emailed me requesting MY advice. Terrible judgement. I don’t know shit about anything. But I’ll give it a shot and pray I don’t ruin this girl’s life.

“Hi Molly, 

I know you asked for a dating story, but I actually have a dating question lol. I met this guy at work and he has a girlfriend, but…they were “on a break” when we started hanging out. Last week he took me to the Olive Garden then  we parked at Wollaston beach for long time and told me he really liked me and would cut things completely off with his girlfriend. Now I am receiving text messages from the girlfriend saying they are still together and he hung out with her after I had dropped him off from our Olive Garden date. He said that she’s just fucking crazy and making things up and to block her from texting or calling me, but my friends think I should just end things with him now. Do you think that he is worth fighting for? “

My response:

NO. He is not worth it. You know why I say this? Because HE TOOK YOU TO THE FUCKING OLIVE GARDEN ON YOUR FIRST DATE. I hope he at least took you to the Stoughton Olive Garden, rather than South Bay. Then again, you said that you dropped him off, so I would hope that YOU respect yourself enough to at least have gone to the Stoughton Olive Garden. Do you realize that the Olive Garden is the fast food of Italian? I’m no snob, I’ve gone, the soup is But I also think that Rodeo cheeseburgers from BK are Olive Garden on a FIRST DATE?!  Fuck that. Raise your standards. 

As for the girlfriend of Rico Suave, tell her you’re all set with dating a guy who considers microwaved tortellini to be first date-worthy. Thanks for writing. When your reading my blog, your family. 


One Response to “Love Advice”

  1. Stephanie March 1, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    funny fuuny shit….sorry to the girl cause he is really for real or really screwing with her head???? sad that we will never know

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