Share This Under Any Dramatic Status You See!

16 Mar

Possibly the biggest downer is when I log into Facebook and see depressing statuses that girls put up about their sucky love lives. You’ve seen them, they kind of sound something along the lines of: “I’m a miserable person because HE made me this way”; “I just can’t stop crying“; “I just want ONE guy to prove to me that they’re not all the same”. Once in awhile, whatever…I guess, not really. But in most cases it’s the same handful of melancholy girls updating us on the reg, letting the world know via Facebook about their awful taste/lack of self respect/attention seeking tactics. Look, if there was a point that anyone ever did give a shit, they took that shit back the second they read that desperate status, psycho. Here’s a thought: why not learn to love and respect yourself so that you won’t give some douche ammo to hurt you?

People tend to forget that life is filled with choices. You are a miserable person because YOU made yourself that way when YOU chose to let someone treat you badly. Not all guys are the same, you just don’t have enough self respect to date one that isn’t a douche. And maybe you keep dating similar people because that’s the kind of person you attract because you are basically screaming that you let people abuse and walk all over you. You CAN stop crying, you probably already have, but you want comfort in the form of Facebook status comments telling you that everything is going to be alright. But nothing is going to be alright until you stop being such a fucking downer. Stop being an attention seeking weirdo and sharing all of your negativity towards the opposite sex with 456 acquaintances who don’t care.Can I let you in on a rule? When you start bitching about a guy constantly, then do nothing to help yourself, people stop listening. Think about that before you speak/type.

Do you think I am being insensitive to the dramatic? Well, you think so because you are one of them. Get a grip on reality. Get a grip on your life. Then go grab the world by the balls. Maybe take in a drag show with your girlfriends or something afterwards. Yeah, remember the girlfriends you drove away with your negativity/neuroticism? Call them up, tell them you sincerely apologize for being a complete fucking psycho and maybe they’ll take you back. If not, then you obviously have bad taste in friends as well. Good luck and God speed.


2 Responses to “Share This Under Any Dramatic Status You See!”

  1. N March 16, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    Gah I have a family member that does this exact thing. Ranting about two guys her…. junkie ex husband that’s in jail and how he sucks but she still loves him and then his junkie cousin that shes f’ing whos “amazing” but cheats on her all the time. Some girls are dumb. They are even dumber when they spread their trashy lifes on facebook including how the state keeps attempting to take their kids away for the SECOND time. Sometimes you just want to slap people and tell them to stop the complaining… No, God did not single you out and choose to make your life so stressful, no he’s actually given up on you. You are the only reason your life sucks.

  2. silent partner March 16, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    whats the over/under you can do one of these on folks who ferociously bombard facebook with political half truthes, political memes and general bummed out insanity. shit brings me down and needs to be addressed. I believe you are the woman for that job

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