Calling Drake Out

6 Apr

Just wanted to take a moment out of my day to call Drake out. For those of you who don’t know Drake’s past, you should know that he was indeed inducted into hip hop/rap’s society. You may be wondering how exactly one gets inducted into the hip hop/rap society. Hip hop/rap artists are initiated into the hip hop/rap society by a rite of passage entitled ‘getting shot’. Other terms for getting shot include, getting “popped”, “capped”, among other ebonic slang that I can’t think of right now. The only exception to this initiation is to take a place in another rite of passage that includes being a honky who lives in a Detroit trailer park. Because that is just as hardcore. Mom’s spaghetti. RESPECT. Anyways though, at this point you are probably asking, “What the fuck is she talking about? When did Drake get shot? There is no crime in Canada!”. Well, take a look at this clip and you’ll witness the moment that Drake got shot:

I know, it might be difficult to watch. And sadly, Drake suffered from intimacy problems after being shot, as seen at the 40 second interval of this video:

The good news is that Drake has come a long way from his Wheelchair Jimmy days. He is now walking and getting mad bitches. I just hope that Drake never forgets his roots. Know where you came from, Drake. Wheelchair Jimmy precedes you. Take care.


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