Letters to Britney…

9 Apr

I don’t give a fuck who you are. If you were at some point a little girl, you definitely wrote creepy fan letters to your favorite bands/pop stars/celebrities. J14 made it too easy not to. Just flip to the back and you’ve got the P.O. Box for everyone from Hanson to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Maybe you wrote to Howie from the Backstreet Boys, if you were in to the homely one of the band. Who knows. I used to write to Alanis Morissette about how much as a big, bad 4th grade woman I could relate to the entire Jagged Little Pill album.  Swallow it down, what a jagged little pill, that Flinstone vitamin feels so good, swimming in your stomach. Yeah, you fuckin’ know it, fuck you Joey Gladstone! I could relate to Alanis’s anger when my Sims were making out with Mortimer Goth (same thing as a human lover’s scorn, right?). All I know is that I almost peed my pants when my friend Kristen posted this bad boy on her Facebook page:

Big thank you to KM for being fucking hilarious all the time. And also a big sorry to KM for not even waiting for her text back giving me the consent to post this.


One Response to “Letters to Britney…”

  1. Jen April 9, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Growing up as a poor kid back in the 70’s and 80’s, I couldn’t afford to buy these magazines, so never got to write to any of the teen heartthrobs of my day. You think it would be cool if I did it now, as a 40 year old woman? That’s not creepy, is it? I mean, I know that some of them are probably not even alive anymore, but they must have family who reads these things, right?

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