BU Hazing Scandal

11 Apr

Okay, so unless you’re a giant douchebag who doesn’t read, you’ve probably read about the hazing incident that occurred recently at a frat house in Boston. If you haven’t: Fourteen BU students who were members of the unsanctioned frat Alpha Epsilon Pi, were charged with hazing, failure to report hazing, and assault and battery after police found five pledges bound and covered with condiments and welts in the basement. The police reported that, “All five were shivering and had fearful and horrified looks on their faces.” When asked by an officer if he was okay, one shook his head as he cried. The students involved in the hazing are also being faced with the possibility of being expelled from BU.

Aaaiiiigggghtt. So, I have a few things I want to point out. If you read my blog “Sisters Forever”, you would know that I think that fraternities and sororities consist of bunch of people who are looking for a second chance due to having a sucky time in high school. Not always the case so don’t come at me, bro. But for the most part, yeah, sorry dude…you’re paying for people to haze you then pretend to like you for the sake of a good time. You can preach about being a philanthropist for volunteering at Gillette Stadium, who wants to network, but let’s be real: being part of a state college frat probably won’t land you a better career than anyone just graduating college these days. And if you’re part of an unaffiliated frat then don’t even try to argue this. You are just some socially awkward guy who needs to pay his way into a group of “friends”.You are willing to get hot sauce, fish sauce, and ketchup poured all over yourself while you get paddled by a bunch of drunks who were once in the same position you were in while they were pledging. Everyone knows that in order to get into the frat, they have to be hazed. Everyone knows that. And if not, they deserve an extra week of hazing for never watching Animal House or Old School.

That being said, joining a frat is a CHOICE. These five pledges at this BU frat made the decision during pledge week that they were going to pledge to this particular frat. And from what I’ve heard from friends who have pledged frats/sororities, deciding which one to join is a carefully though out process. So these five guys decided to pledge to this particular frat,  showed up to this off campus frat house KNOWING they would be hazed, and now hazing is being debated in the media. Maybe the frat guys went overboard. Who fucking knows what really happened. But these five dudes also knew that this was a frat that was unaffiliated with Boston University, so in other words, it was a frat that probably goes balls to the wall when it comes to pledging/hazing/partying. With all this knowledge about frats and what it takes to get into one, I just can’t feel bad for these dudes. As a matter of fact, I think they are dumb fucks who probably can’t hang. Don’t join a frat if you can’t pass the initiation that EVERYONE goes through at some point. The nationals board for this particular frat can bullshit all they want and release statements that they don’t condone this type of behavior, but behind the scenes, they are calling these five pledges pussies. And you know it.

Andddd now colleges will come down harder on hazing and the only thing required to join a frat or sorority will be a pen to sign the sign-up sheet. Now where is the fun in joining? This is the issue with joining in the first place. You are paying to get hazed. And if you can’t take the hazing, join the drama club because you might be good at releasing your emotions on a stage. Fahkin’ pussies. John Belushi is turning over in his grave. Full article:


2 Responses to “BU Hazing Scandal”

  1. Maria April 12, 2012 at 6:56 am #

    True shit is true. If you pledged to be in a frat, don’t be a pussy for the hazing. Seriously, people are getting pussier (is that a word?) and pussier every fucking day.

  2. Michelle April 17, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    So true!!! The first thing I said when I heard the news report was “they were crying?” from having condiments poured on them?? I mean maybe I could see crying if you didn’t know why someone tied you up poured hot sauce on you and left you in a basement but if you are pledging a frat and thus happens and you cry then maybe you should Join the drama club.

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