10 May

Note: I wrote this blog in May, 2012 in response to the First Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously finding that the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional (Massachusetts).


I really don’t like to get political when I write. My friends and I used to talk politics when we were drinking and would legit fight over fetus rights and stem cells and whatever else is a “social issue” these days. Wasn’t pretty. I lean slightly to the right, won’t get into it and usually I just keep it to myself. BUT  due to recent events which I won’t even talk about because if you don’t already know then that means you don’t read the newspaper which means you are an idiot, I feel the need to say: THANK FUCKING GOD. And you know why? Because NO ONE SHOULD GIVE A SHIT WHO LOVES WHO. Get it? I’m talking about gay marriage. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that this is still even being discussed. Really think about it though. If two guys fall in love and want to get married how does that affect you or anyone else? Does it take away your ability to live your life the way you normally do? Does it change the relationships you have with your loved ones or the way you eat your Captain Crunch in the morning? Nope. It doesn’t.

If you are a religious person you could argue that it goes against what the bible says and the “sanctity of marriage”. Why is the government giving out or involved with “sanctity”, as though it were a notarized certificate? They can’t just hand out sanctity or sacredness. There is no item or document that dubs something “sacred”. It’s an idea and a faith that makes something sacred and is truly only defined by the people involved in the “sacred” entity (does that make sense?). And honestly, I don’t know what the bible says because I have never read the bible, I literally remember NOTHING any of my CCD teachers said. When was the bible written again? I don’t fucking know, before 1987 is all I know. But all my deadbeat Catholicism aside, doesn’t it mention not judging people? Because I believe it says that only God can judge people. Or maybe that was Tupac, either way dude, AMEN. So aren’t the people who stand outside holding anti gay marriage signs going against their own outdated guidelines? I mean, they are judging people, are they not? What do they care if someone who is not them is going against what they believe in – even if that person has different beliefs? Maybe if everyone in the world were open minded, they would also see that people interpret things differently, believe in different things, and that overall people are just DIFFERENT. If everyone were the same and heterosexual, there would be no P-Town and that’s fucking terrible. Another silly and ridiculous argument people bring up is the whole Pandora’s box bullshit. Everyone has heard it: “Oh if two women can get married then what’s next, a dude marrying a pig?!”. Yeah. People use the threat of bestiality to argue gay marriage. Maybe if they put their picket signs down and opened up a book or even easier, Googled shit once in awhile, they would know that the Bill of Rights only covers HUMAN marriage. It’s bizarre to me that anyone would compare same-sex marriage to bestiality in the first place. Like…bestiality involves fucking an animal. It’s INSANE to me that people could come to the conclusion that bestiality could be a direct result of legalizing gay marriage. I guess it goes along with the bogus theory that same-sex marriage cheapens marriage overall and if people marry the same sex then that somehow de-values heterosexual marriage. Um. Marriage is on the decline and has been for years now. Has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. If anything it has more to do with divorce being more acceptable than it used to be. It also has to do with the evolution of women’s rights – women being more independent and not needing someone to take care of them. Now women can be the breadwinners and women can do shit that was once frowned upon in more close-minded times. More importantly: You don’t HAVE to get married and it’s not as socially unacceptable as it once was. And who cares? Let people get married if they want to and if they don’t want to or if it doesn’t work out, then fuck it. Society changes and evolves.

I hate when people say shit like “Well I have ________  friends and blah blah blah” as a point to their argument. It doesn’t really legitimize anything. But I’m about to say it anyways because fuck it, YOLO: I have gay friends and guess what? Some of them have better relationships with their significant other than my heterosexual friends do. And some of them don’t. But my point is: THEY ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER STRAIGHT COUPLE YOU COME ACROSS.  They laugh together, argue over stupid shit like shower curtains & Call of Duty, have good times, bad times, blah blah blah. And they do these things without harming anyone or trying to take away from the “sacredness” that is straight marriage. To infer they do is just so fucked up to begin with because it infers that they are not equal. And again, what even defines something as sacred? Does a boring church ceremony where guests just long for the part of the wedding that involves more liquor than the blood of Christ make the union between husband and wife “sacred”? (I always thought it was the bond and love between them that made their marriage “sacred”?) Is a Build-A-Bear not “sacred” if you don’t perform that corny ass ritual and kiss the stupid stuffed heart while twirling in circles and touch your nose before the miserable store clerk stitches the thing up and you name it “Poopykins”? It’s just insane.

I mean I guess people don’t want gay and lesbian couples to be able to file income taxes jointly. If anything the economy would be stimulated if gays were allowed to marry. Can you imagine a gay wedding? Kristi Yamaguchi would be there doing triple axels next to the buffet of caviar covered foie gras and Shakira ice sculptures! I guess people like to make other peoples’ lives more difficult by complaining about this possibility. I guess people enjoy seeing other people struggle. I guess some people are just unkind and  judgmental. But that is in human nature (and so is homosexuality!). If gay people are working so hard to fight for gay marriage, doesn’t this just show how much they are committed to each other and to love? Why is who someone loves considered a “social problem”? I don’t know. All I know is this: *All images taken from:


3 Responses to “WHO CARES?!?!”

  1. Jasmin Oberlander Thomas May 10, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    My thing is when they say marriage is religion based, it’s not that is Holy Matrimony. Marriage was a legal goverment contract BEFORE Christianity. And as the Church can refuse to marry anyone even a devote Christian, it in no way threatens nor messes with their joining in the eyes of God.
    You can get married without religion, and who does it hurt for them to go down to the courthouse and get married?
    Not to count its a sin to be judgemental as thats God’s job not ours.
    Oh and the fact that the oppistion is strictly religious and religion has no place in our goverment.

    theres my mini rant to go with your bigger one

  2. Bruce Connor May 10, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    Excellent will share but a few of my friends may object.
    though most won’t.

  3. Wendy Arsenault May 11, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    Well said Molly!!!!!

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