Haters Gon’ Hate!

25 Jun

Usually when I hear people say “Haters gonna hate!” I want to punch them in the face and tell them I hate them. Ugh, it’s so corny. You’re not Beyonce. People don’t “hate” on you because they are jealous of your womanly fierceness or success. They hate you because you’re annoying and clingy and rude and other negative adjectives. Oh, and you’re a whore when you get drunk. So get off your high horse because you’re not special or interesting enough for “h8rz”…

BUT, I started this blog with the word “usually” because I’m about to talk about the “haters” because of something that just happened to me in the internet realm. If you “like” me on Facebook, you should see me pop up on the newsfeed quite a bit with updates about stupid crap or letting you know there’s a new blog that’s been posted. Well, maybe a week ago I posted a link to the Real World St Thomas website because there is a kid that I worked with in the cast who, in my opinion, was a tool when I worked with him. So I posted the link and made a comment about how this kid was a tool when I knew him (and clearly a complete liar nowadays). Maybe that’s changed. Don’t know/care. There was a big response, mostly just people shitting on the kid. Two people who were usually pretty vocal on my Facebook page had comments about jealousy being an ugly trait and that me and those who were calling the kid out will someday know how it feels when MTV twists what we say in our Real World bio’s or something. I didn’t really understand either of those comments because 1. Why would I be jealous of this tool? and 2. I don’t plan on auditioning for Real World ever in my life so how could MTV mess up my non-existent bio? Either way, I noticed a few hours later some chick who didn’t like me in high school (I honestly don’t remember why, I think we had a mutual friend and that just caused tension or something) “liked” the bitchy comments from the two people who were hatin’.  I kind of thought “Eh, maybe she’s friends with the kid or something and is defending him, I understand that, can’t hate on her for it”. And I also felt satisfaction for the simple fact that she obviously reads my shit enough to keep up with comment threads on my public Facebook page. I eventually ended up deleting the link to the bio altogether because I felt like if he read the things people were saying he wouldn’t feel so great and I’m kind of a bitch sometimes, but I’m not a bully. Especially not a cyber bully. So the entire post/thread was deleted and forgotten about…

But THEN, about 5 minutes ago I got one of those annoying notifications on Facebook that someone else had commented on a link about this MTV Real World kid that a mutual friend had posted. And I saw that this “someone else” was the same chick who didn’t like me in high school who “liked” all the bitchy comments that the two people on my blog’s Facebook had written. AND I saw that she had written mean shit about the Real World kid. Which led me to the conclusion that this “hater” isn’t friends with the MTV kid, she is just a fucking hypocritical flip flopper who was only liking things that people said AGAINST me because she doesn’t like me!!! Awww hell nawww!

So you’re all probably thinking…what was the point of me telling this drawn out story about internet drama? Like, this story clearly sucked balls, wasn’t funny, there was just no point. Well, the point to telling this stupid story was to tell you all that I have a real life “hater”. Like, really. She likes anything negative that people say to me, without bias. Then I clearly saw with my own eyes that she AGREES with me but STILL went against me just because obviously, she doesn’t like me. She is a “HATER”. And that leads me to the conclusion….

THAT I AM BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO FIERCE!! WHO RUN THE WORLD?!!! GIRLS! If you have a hater, that makes YOU Beyonce, too!!!!!

It was a long Monday. And Beyonce needs some R&R. So keep frontin’ hoe! DEUCES!

If you know someone who is a target of a cyber bully, call Beyonce at 1-800-BlueIvyBitches. She fuck ’em up LYRICALLY!~*~*~~*ONE*~~**~*~*~



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