Awww Hell Nawwww! This is AMERICA!

12 Jul

In this news this morning was an infuriating story out of Wrentham, MA. Tenants in an apartment complex received letters from the Wrentham Housing Authority that due to another tenant’s repeated complaints, residents would no longer be permitted to display American flags on the exterior of their apartments. Here it is: Dude, who the F is the tenant who repeatedly complained about the American flags in common areas? Because they should be deported, not accommodated for their blatant lack of respect for this country. Whoever made the decision to comply with this terrorist tenant and even the douche who wrote this letter should also be deported. God forbid that Americans don American flags…especially on the 4th of July. What the fuck, Wrentham!? You can write your stupid letter in your standard Calibri size 11 Microsoft Office Word font…but you cannot take our citizens’ FREEDOM!!!!!

And all I can say to you, Wrentham, is: WE JUST USE YOU FOR YOUR OUTLET MALL!


But seriously…is this real life????????


2 Responses to “Awww Hell Nawwww! This is AMERICA!”

  1. rantingsof2madwomen July 12, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    That person who complained should go back to whatever f***hole of a country they came from and if they are an american they should just be beat and then sent to a crappy country as to remind them they live in one of the greatest countries.

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