July’s Featured Bartender: Nina!

26 Jul

Okay, so I  see a trend in my readers: You enjoy local shit. You also are heavy drinkers. (Just kidding…kind of). So what better than nominating a featured local bartender of each month? Since bartenders are the ones concocting and mixing and cracking open your beers, I think it’s time we give them props. If you want to let your favorite bartender know that she (or he) is the best of the best, let them know (get permission, don’t be a fucking creep), snap a pic with your i-phone (unless you’re poor or over the age of 50, in which case snap a pic with your prepaid phone), and send me a message: Imagine how fucking hard it is to spend all night with a bunch of drunk people while your sober? Yeah, they do it all the time and deserve some cred. I think it’s time we give back to the people slinging our alcohol and cutting us off when we’ve had too much, by featuring them in a blog written by a girl that you don’t even know.

July’s Featured Bartender: Nina from Cagney’s

Where/when you can catch her:

Behind the bar at Cagney’s on Washinton Street in Quincy every Friday and Saturday night.

Do you have a signature drink?:

Lately I’ve been serving up a lot of skinnified versions of classic drinks, for example a skinny pina colada – coconut vodka and soda water with a splash of pineapple juice. It’s a nice light, low cal drink for summer. I also make a mean dirty martini.

What’s your favorite drink when you’re not busy serving the thirsty citizens of Quincy:

Depends on the occasion. You can never go wrong with a Ketel and soda. And I love a good glass of red with Sunday dinner.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen as a bartender?

Craziest thing was definitely while doing a day shift at the last bar I worked. A guy came in, seemed normal and was pretty friendly. He drank a total of two beers the entire time he was there. Then he disappeared for at least 10 minutes. I’m just going about my work when he stumbles up to the bar, seemingly shitfaced and proceeds to tell me how he deserves to have his beers comped and it was terrible, there was no toilet paper in the mens room . I was trying to calm him down and tell him that I don’t check the bathrooms and the morning cleaner is responsible for that when he yelled “I just had to wipe my ass with my own hand!” He then tried to fight pretty much every person in the place before we finally got him to leave.

On a completely separate occasion, there was this guy that I went on one date with and had mentioned that he should come visit me at work sometime. Well he did, and it also happened to be a night we were hosting a birthday party at the bar. Everyone drank a lot, he ended up arguing with one of the guys who threw the party. At the end of the night, we’re cleaning up and the guy who threw the party was walking out the door with leftover cake. Well long story short date guy and him are still mouthing off to each other, they end up out in the middle of the street, cake everywhere, date guy head butts cake guy, Quincy cops show up, needless to say there was never a second date.

Creepy. Any more creepy stories?

Lots of creepy things happen all the time, I dont know, I don’t really have a creepy story. It’s funny how so many guys come in and think that just because you’re nice to them and smile and listen to their dumb stories that you want to go home with them. I’m just doing my job buddy.


2 Responses to “July’s Featured Bartender: Nina!”

  1. Fat Drunk Guy July 26, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    Not only is Cags my new favorite bar in quincy, but Nina is by far one of the best bartenders around. She makes great shots, and is wicked friendly. The night the guy she went on a date with tried fighting some guy throwing a party, was probably the best night I’ve ever had. I was going to continue drinking with that dude at a bar in Boston that night, but after he split his head open head butting that guy, he just started running away screaming “United States Marine Corps Mother Fucker”. Until this day, that guy is a hero to me. Well becides that Nina is awesome, and will never shut you off. (even if it’s quite clear that you’ve had way to much to drink, and your trying to fist fight your best friends) Cagneys is the place to be! Oh yea Carol’s pretty cool too!!

  2. Harry July 27, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    Unfortunately everyone else at Cagneys sucks. Place is always understaffed. Food is pricey too.

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