Twilight Scandal Analysis

27 Jul

I hate to do this, but I’m going to analyze this Hollywood cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. Kristen is clearly getting crucified by the media. And she brought that on herself. She openly hooked up with a married man who is twice her age, and has 2 kids. She jeopardized her relationship with a guy who is almost as desirable as Justin Bieber is with millions of girls all over the world. There is a consequence for every action. But I think she’s being judged a little too harshly. What all these diehard Rob girls who are two thirds to a retard are neglecting to recall is that Kristen Stewart is twenty-two fucking years old. I know, that’s an adult. But it’s a very young adult. Yeah, she knew better. But her director, Rupert what the fuck his last name is, is much older. He is married. He has two children. He is her DIRECTOR. Kristen is a naive actress who has been dating her costar for 4 years and is followed around by paparazzi all day and looks pretty miserable about it all. Being her director, this Rupert dude is an authoritative figure to Kristen. He knows WAY better than Kristen did. Kristen was dead wrong…but her director was WRONGER. Yeah…wronger. Kristen’s not married. But she shouldn’t be in a committed relationship either because she’s clearly immature. Although, I found her apology to be more mature than most actors/actresses who are caught in this kind of scandal (you know, the statements from their PR that deny deny deny, then a divorce is filed a week later).

In my opinion, this scandal shows us that Kristen Stewart is a young adult who lacks good judgement and is both immature and naive. She has now taken the A-list Homewrecker crown from Angelina Jolie (although Angelina Jolie is on a different level of acting than KStew – the difference being she CAN act. As for the director: he’s a fucking scumbag. Rob, I feel bad for him, I  guess. Not really. He’s rich and good looking. Kristen should have dumped him. But I don’t feel that bad: he will find someone else and so will she and they will all be rich for being actors who aren’t even that good at acting. It’s Hollywood, and relationships have an expiration date in that batshit bananas world. You know who I feel worse for? The director’s wife and kids. But I can’t even feel that bad for them either…they are also rich and pretty. If they were poor, I would maybe think about sending them 10 cents a day.

I think the thing we need to remember is that no one should really feel bad or care at all. Cheating is terrible. But everyone in this scandal is rich and good looking and some of them aren’t even good at what they do. I mean, Twilight really is terrible. I am now dumber for having written this blog. Now I’m depressed. Sigh.


3 Responses to “Twilight Scandal Analysis”

  1. Robin Gardner July 28, 2012 at 5:10 am #

    All I’ve got to say is that i have a daughter that is heads over heals in love with Mr. Patterson, I know it is a crush because of this star attraction thing between normal people and famous people, but if he only knew. This is one of the most beautiful women he would ever see (she blows Kirsten out of the water) and she is a good hard working woman who believes there is something better out there.

  2. lala28 August 28, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    What you have is a very simple problem you and all the dumb little girls on this website really really think that we give a s*** about your stupid little petty world. your so stupid you just as bad as lady or girl I should say that’s just the woman that sooner 30 and has a smoking hot obviously better bought and called her hun
    by the way calling white people white trash is the same as calling a Latino person is spic a black person a n***** a Jewish person cheap. got it so next time you call a white person white trash b**** remember that that is racist now on to the stupid Kristen Stewart b******* your dumb comment about he’s almost as good looking as Justin Bieber oh my god obviously you’ve never been anywhere in the world because over countries like Italy Greece Rome that’s good looking men Justin Bieber doesn’t even have his balls dropped yet. for you that are too dumb to know what that means he’s not even a man yet. it looks more like a f****** teenage Barbie doll. I’m sure Christian is crying all the way to the bank about what the f*** you think. I’m so f****** sick and tired of you people posting blogs f****** go out the world and get a life. everybody under the age of 25 should be f****** killed and start over again because you guys are so stupid yes I am i fucken 30’s and I f****** hot and I’m a pinup model and you know what I’m not stupid like you guys and I live out in the world I don’t f****** live off the computer I hate computers as matter fact I just happen to accidentally run into this when I was looking for something important. boy was I disappointed f****** get a life and grow up and shut the f*** up…

    • Molly September 11, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

      You are completely insane. I need a life because I get paid to blog about stupid shit? Looks like you might need one for writing batshit novels under my blogs in your free time. This is an entertainment website. If you aren’t entertained, don’t read it.

      PS: People who are hot don’t need to say they are hot. They just are.

      Good luck.

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