Friend Zoned

9 Aug

And You Say He’s Just a Friend

One Man’s 5 day escape from the Friend Zone

By ???? Anyonmous guy guest blogger

I escaped the friend zone.

Well, almost.

Ok, yes. Before you jump down my throat. I know the Friend Zone. I wasn’t some moron fucking guy sitting there longingly doting on this one chick for the past 5 years.   I have dated and banged plenty of women in the meantime (humble brag).  But yeah, sure, she was someone I coulda seen myself dating for sure.

Then last weekend, as I was helping her move, we showered and hit some bars at the end of the day, got drunk, and had sex.  Wasn’t the first time, I didn’t think anything of it.  Woke up, packed up my shit, and headed home to kill the hangover on my couch all day Sunday.   We chatted Monday like we usually do, nothing out of the ordinary, joked about the sex, went about our days.

As the week progressed, I could sense something was a little different.  She was texting more and bringing up the hook up.  Finally she broached the subject of how she was thinking about me differently.  Me being single, and having some horror dating stories, especially from, decided hey what the hell, we already get along great, are attracted to each other, and have good sex.  I made sure she was committed to this idea of ripping the time-honored tradition of the friend zone down and try to jump into this.  She said she was sure.

The week went great, saw each other a couple times, hung out Friday night, went back to  my place. Woke up Saturday, little AM sex, breakfast, coffee, and then settled on the couch for some TV.  Girl goes upstairs to shower, then comes down in tears because this  “just doesn’t feel right”. Packs her shit, and goes.

Now the texts are rolling in, with the “I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to lose you, I hope we can get back to normal”. But let’s be fucking serious. We can’t/won’t be normal ever again.  We crossed that line in the sane to which there is no turning back.

So now I sit here, in a bit of shock, and admittedly pretty hurt (I know, guys can’t show emotions!) at not only losing what could have been a pretty great relationship, but knowing the fact I lost a good friend in the process.  Good friends are much harder to come by then a good lay or a good date.

I guess the point of me ranting on Miss Molly’s blog here was to say, yes, the Friend Zone exists for damn good reason.  If anyone out there is contemplating trying to cross the line with a friend, make sure it’s mutual, make sure its something you absolutely have to try or you won’t be able to live without it, and keep the lines of communications wide open.  Mixed signals don’t work.  Neither do 4 days of giving something a shot.  Now that its 2012 and its totally ok for women to act like men, people to give up on things in a matter of hours not weeks or months, and everyone’s need to have what they want, when they want it, dating sucks.  It really sucks.  But losing a friend sucks even more.


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