What The F Was THAT, Walt?!

27 Aug

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Breaking Bad “Say My Name”.

I’m still reeling over the end of last night’s episode of Breaking Bad. It might have been the Pino, but I almost cried when Mike keeled over and died on that peaceful water bank. Like, sorry you got called out Walt, but you’ve been fucking up. And what pisses me off the most is that the only reason that Walt shot Mike is because he was spiteful about being called out on his flaws regarding the entire operation. Yeah, he wanted the list, but he was mostly pissed about what Mike had said. He was left fuming over Mike’s words and obviously not thinking rationally. Mike’s death was not about that list. We know this because Walt basically says it immediately afterwards when Mike is waiting out his last few moments of life….Walt could have just gotten a list of Mike’s 9 people from Lydia – obviously the easier target of the two. Walt is just such a smug bastard at this point that he couldn’t handle it when Mike called him out. And like Mike said, everything would have been FINE if Walt just knew his place.

I think the only obvious thing to happen next is a war between Walt and Jesse. I mean, what is Jesse going to say/do when he finds out about what Walt did to Mike? I know we have another episode left followed by the rest of this cut up season, but Jesse is going to kill Walt, right? How else can they end this? Am I right? Am I right? Am I right?

Yeah, I’m right. I just don’t want to end things not liking Walt. That’s what’s happening at the end of this season and I honestly just want to go back to screaming “SHUT UP, SKYLER!” at my TV.

Side note: did those cake pops make anyone else hungry for cake pops?

Anyways, Team Jesse.


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