August’s Featured Bartender: Amy!

28 Aug

What’s the best way to celebrate going back to work after vacation or starting classes back up? You guessed it (or maybe you didn’t): drinking at a local watering hole. This month when I asked you guys to send me nominations for  you favorite bartenders, I got 3 consecutive emails nominating Amy. Someone even attached a picture of her and I immediately recognized her as the bartender at the Half Door in Quincy Center. Amy’s awesome. Being a girl, it sucks when you get up to the bar and have to wait in a long line for a drink, only to be cut in line by a dude who has only been waiting for 1 second just because the bartender is female and favoring men. I’m sure this happens with guys, too. Probably the most annoying thing to deal with when you’re out at night. Amy doesn’t do this, she’s completely fair and doesn’t favor anyone. She hustles and gets everyone what they want quickly: booze…obviously. And for that, we thank her. So here’s the people’s choice for August’s featured bartender:

M: Where and when can we find you slinging drinks?

A: You can find me at the Half Door (duh) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturday nights. Otherwise, Im usually drinking Pina Coladas in the dunes of the Cape (where I’m originally from).

M: Do you have a signature drink?

A: Signature drink? Yes, I make a mean Bud Light wink I have a few other tricks up my sleeve though. . .fall being right around the corner, we just tapped the Shipyard Pumpkin. I make a drink called “Not Your Mother’s Apple Pie”. It’s Shipyard Pumpkin with a shot of Pinnacle whipped vodka and a cinnamon brown sugar rim job. I’m also known for the “Pixie Stick”. . .it’s the Half Door’s version of Toddler’s and Tiara’s “Go Go juice”.

M: What is the craziest or creepiest or funniest thing you’ve seen while bartending?

A: I’ve been bartending for a few years now (10+) so I’ve seen some wild stuff in my days. I bartended Lansdowne Street thrOUGH 2004 and got to see the Sox win the World Series from Fenway. That was pretty nuts. Its a pretty vivid memory which is good because the way it’s looking, we wont see that again for a while. unsure

Quincy center doesn’t disappoint with it’s fair share of entertainment, either. Just recently I was lucky enough to serve and chat it up with the holder of The Guinness Book of World Records “Largest Gingerbread House Maker” award. It had a real smoking chimney and a chandelier. Yup. He also had some pretty sick dance moves. Another night many moons ago someone on a leisurely stroll down Hancock Street tried to bust out the front door windows with TWO, that’s right, TWO samurai swords.

That 911 call went a little something like this:

Dispatcher: “911, whats your emergency?”

Me: “Ummmm, someone’s trying to smash the windows of the bar Im working at with two samurai swords”

Dispatcher: “Can you repeat that??”

Me: “Uhhh yeah, he’s got two samurai swords and he’s trying to bust the front door windows.”

Dispatcher: (laughter)

You can’t make this stuff up!!!

Nope you can’t make it up. So go see Amy at the Half Door this weekend! That apple pie drink sounds bomb…I think I’ll stop in, too.


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