September’s Featured Bartender: Mollie!

9 Sep

This month’s featured bartender is a girl to my own heart: Her name is Mollie, too (sans a “Y”), and she serves alcohol in Raider territory. Does it get much better? Stop by the  Ninety-Nine in North Quincy when you get a chance and grab a tall boy off of her. Just don’t forget to thank her for her services with a fat tip! Thanks Mollie!

Where and when can people catch you slingin’ drinks?:
I work at the 99 Restaurant on Newport Ave. in North Quincy. I am there every Wednesday night and the occasional Friday night.
 Do you have a signature drink?:
I can pour a mean Bud Light, the drink of choice in Quincy. I also make a delicious Mudslide Martini.
What’s your favorite drink to sip on when you’re not busy serving the thirsty citizens of Quincy?:
Well, I’m definitely not picky! I love Bud Light (obvi), Pinot Grigio, margaritas (preferably raspberry), and cheap champagne.

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen as a bartender?:
I had this stoner surfer dude came in once whom we dubbed “flame thrower” due to his flame themed attire. He walked in and ordered a “fruity margarita” and was giving everyone the peace sign. When he put his money on the bar I realized he was holding a handful of flowers with the roots and dirt still attached that he stole from the Stop and Shop parking lot. He put the flowers on the bar and tracked dirt all over the place. Later, he tried to steal a margarita glass and when a co-worker called him out on it, he tipped the glass over and it shattered. When he was escorted out, he kicked over the trash barrels and broke one of the lights before the police could get there. I love that he was preaching world peace pre-margarita and he ended up spending the night at the Quincy police station.


One Response to “September’s Featured Bartender: Mollie!”

  1. The forgotten O'Connell September 12, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Eh she’s average.

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