Advice: Feeling Used By A Guy!

19 Sep


Need your help! I’ve been seeing this guy for about half a year now. I like him a lot and we have a great time together. Only thing is he wants me to keep it a secret because he doesn’t want the drama of an ex girlfriend finding out. I should add that his ex girlfriend has a history of flipping out on him for every new girl that comes along. I don’t understand this because his ex girlfriend is seeing someone else OPENLY. How can I get him to “out” us? I can’t help but feel like I’m being used if he is just going to string me along behind closed doors.

-Feeling Used

Dear Feeling Used,

First thing you need to do is listen to this song and then use the best lyrics from it as your Facebook statuses for a fortnight:

Now that he knows you’re a psycho/emotionally fragile, he will stop playing games. Make sure you give him an ultimatum: confess his relationship with you or he’s dead to you. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment. This is bullshit. As for his his ex girlfriend, I’d start an STD rumor then watch out, she’s clearly also a psycho. It’s the moment of truth. Good luck.

Hope this helps,



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