Canadian Tuxedos & Other Atrocities.

1 Oct

Fortunately, until recently it had been YEARS since I saw someone sporting the Canadian Tuxedo. For all you ass-hats out there who don’t know what a Canadian Tuxedo is, it’s when you wear a denim jacket/shirt with denim jeans. It’s a denim overload. Like this:

And this…It’s just ridiculous. Everyone knows that. Even me, and I’m not even fashionable. Seriously, I’m wearing Uggs in a business casual work environment today.

But anyways, I saw the Canadian Tuxedo in which I am speaking of at a bar by a girl whom I don’t know. My guy friends were saying that said girl was cute. I quickly got a glimpse of her while I was making my way toward the bartender to get another drink. I was as shocked as Jerry Seinfeld was upon seeing Man Hands. I was also baffled, just utterly confused. “That’s her?!?! Her in all that blue denim? Right there?! That’s the hot girl!?! No!” It was just an ocean of blue denim. She might as well have been wearing Lee dungaree overalls, with a jean button up shirt. All I saw was denim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a hater. She was a cute girl. But she was wearing a denim suit, and it’s just not something I understand. I just hate to see pretty girls drowning in a sea of blue jean. At least mix and match the Canadian Tux with different colored denims…
Am I wrong?


One Response to “Canadian Tuxedos & Other Atrocities.”

  1. Jen October 1, 2012 at 7:38 pm #

    They say that shit is coming back I style now. It’s fucking beyond me why anyone would want to dress themselves head to toe in denim. And I’m an old, 40 year old woman.

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