Famous Douchebags & Their Douchebag Tattoos: Teen Mom Edition

1 Oct

And here is another famous douchebag with a douchebag tattoo.

Jenelle Evans, best known for her terrible parenting on MTV’s hit show Teen Mom, tweeted a picture of her new leopard tattoo going down her hip. Jenelle, who is also known as the teen mom who cried because she didn’t feel like she could quit smoking marijuana, explained that her tattoo represents how strong she is.

To me, Jenelle’s tattoo represents that she will never change her douchebag spots. You go, gurl!


One Response to “Famous Douchebags & Their Douchebag Tattoos: Teen Mom Edition”

  1. Sophie November 6, 2013 at 5:12 am #

    The leopard tattoo is awful, the proportions are as off as if it were drawn by a six year old. That and beetch has no ass. Yuck.
    Has anyone noticed that the cherry blossom tattoo she has is the SAME image on the Arizona green tea 24 OZ cans?? I bet she went into a tattoo shop one day, strung out on dope, with a can of green tea in hand.. and told the tattoo artist.. “Um.. I want.. *looks around* uh, how about this flower on my can of tea?! How ORIGINAL can I be! Like omg.” What a loser douche.

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