Nicki Minaj Needs To Be Pepper Sprayed

4 Oct

Here’s a video of Nicki Minaj getting all ghetto-diva on THE diva herself, Mariah Carey:

Woahhh, down girl! Whether this whole thing is a publicity stunt or not, if Nicki Minaj ever came at me like that, I would pepper spray her (but, I am Beyonce so she’d NEVAHHHH!. Awww hell nawwww!). She’s like a fucking chihuahua. Doesn’t her yelling voice sound kind of like her music? Repeating  nonsensical things in a screeching voice and what not. Like, it goes right through me. And I feel like she should be so jovial with her crazy ass attire and hair. I feel like if you’re wearing a dress that looks like something out of Candy Land, then you should be obligated to not act diva-hood.


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