October’s Featured Bartender: Michael!

5 Oct

Introducing the first male featured bartender to this website: Michael (or as many called him in their nomination requests, Webber/WEBBA) from the Sly Fox. I’d also like to note that he was the most popular bartender to be nominated. Usually the winner gets about 3-4 nominations and I kind of just go with the first bartender to give permission and a picture. But this month, this guy got about 10 nominations in under and hour. Pretty impressive, right? Awesome job, Michael! PS: He also wins my vote for craziest shit seen while working as a bartender. Check it out:

Where and when do you work?

I currently work at the Sly Fox on Wednesday nights and Sunday days.  Wednesday we have Trivia from 8pm – 10pm, which is hosted by one of my close friends and Quincy’s finest, Lisa Maconochie. Sunday we put a free spread of delicious food out for our customers during the Patriots game which is prepared by Michael Merlis and his mother Cheryl who own Cafe Catering out of the Weymouth Club. The food is amazing!

What is your signature cocktail/drink?

The Cape Codder – cranberry juice and vodka with a lime.

What is the craziest shit you’ve seen as a bartender?

The craziest thing I have ever seen was when I worked at a popular bar in town. A guy started masturbating in his seat next to a female patron, the bouncer’s escorted the guy out of the establishment and held him until police arrived. Best part of this story was that he was from Quincy. (I DID NOT KNOW THIS SICKO!!!!!).


One Response to “October’s Featured Bartender: Michael!”

  1. Ashley October 5, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    i love you bear!

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