I Wonder If Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Ever Watch These & Feel Awkward

12 Oct

Being a young girl in the early 90’s, I obviously worshiped the Olsen twins. I wanted to be Michelle Tanner, I wanted to dress as cool as them, and I wanted my sister to be 3 years younger/my twin. My brother is my Irish twin, kind of, but I didn’t want to get a matching wiffle. Even today, as I am home sick on my couch and Googling MK & A music videos, I stumbled upon an interview of them from 2 years ago on Ellen and I am just in awe. They have zero media scandals like everyone and their mother has in Hollywood (of course by “everyone and their mother in Hollywood” I mean Lindsay and Dina Lohan). They are just so cool, and rich, and pretty, and yeah. Only thing I’m not a fan of is their taste in some of the men they’ve been with. But to each their own.

That said, as fabulous and wealthy as the Olsen twins are, I often wonder if they ever watch these videos and feel embarrassed or awkward:

And ESPECIALLY this one about horses:

I mean, they were galloping on their imaginary horse named River straight to the bank.


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