Trashy Facebook Status of the Day

16 Oct

So I decided to try a new tactic in the fight against White Trash Facebook Statuses (WTFS for short). You may have heard of this technique before, it’s called “shaming”. Basically, I need you guys to take screenshots on your phones of the trashiest statuses you see, then send them to me. I will then pick out the best of the day, and put it on my blog. Of course I will blur out the names to protect the trashy (unfortunately, but you just never know what white trash is capable of, so it’s best to keep them anonymous). Don’t worry about getting caught, most white trash is overly friendly and friend requests EVERYONE, so they won’t know who to blame for sending their statuses in (the proof is in their mutual friends list). This “shaming” tactic will hopefully shame the white trash responsible for the status, causing them to learn a valuable lesson:¬† Facebook is forever. Because even if you delete it, it still exists in my Iphone’s photo album.
Here’s today’s White Trash Facebook Status:

Do YOU have a white trash status update screen shot? Send it to or message it to me on Because Molly Said So on Facebook!


One Response to “Trashy Facebook Status of the Day”

  1. State Your Name October 17, 2012 at 1:45 pm #


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