Random Thoughts by Molly’s Dad (Part 3)

19 Oct

It’s been awhile since my dad last wrote a blog. But like I told you guys last week, my family went to Disney World without me, and since my dad doesn’t trust planes, he had some time to kill as he commuted by train to Florida. I stopped by my parents’ house last night and an envelope with my name on it was awaiting me on the kitchen table. Half of his blog was handwritten in his familiar dad-esque scrawl. The rest was typed out, which probably took him 3 days to do because he types with his index fingers only (he proudly tells me that his boss complimented him on his quick two fingered typing ability). So, um, here is random thoughts by my dad (I’m just going to upload a picture of his introduction):

  • The Seattle Mariners had a better win/loss record than the Red Sox. And that was without Ichiro.
  • Was in traffic court last week for a moving violation. I was driving within 500 feet of a fire truck. My case is pending…
  • Took an Amtrak to Florida recently. I would have taken a plane, but I couldn’t find an airline that would taxi from Boston to Orlando.
  • I’m waiting for them to come out with the first stretch limo Mini Cooper.
  • Have you ever been driving in your car and go to turn the radio on, and it was already on? Me neither.
  • Pawn Stars and Shark Tank are the two best reality shows on TV.
  • Blanket Jackson is a pretty cool name.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates had a better win/l0ss record than the Red Sox.
  • It’s pretty bad when a blown call by substitute refs becomes the talk of the country the next day. Anyone remember the score?
  • I can’t wait for it to start getting colder so I can start sporting my man Uggs and Northface jacket.
  • The Masters is more prestigious, but the Ryder Cup is more exciting.
  • Financially speaking, I’m not Keeping up with the Kardashians.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that babies and wood chippers are a bad mix.
  • Another reason I’ve always wanted to be on Mtv Cribs is show I could show off my 11 X 12 foot bedroom and say, “Yo G, this is where it all goes down”.
  • It must put things into perspective for the NHL when virtually no one is talking about their game.
  • What television needs is more red carpet events. Hollywood doesn’t give itself enough credit.
  • I’d love to see every cast member of The View get a custard pie to the kisser, starting with Barbara Walters.
  • If I was chillin’ with Flava Flav, I wouldn’t have to wear a watch.
  • The Rolling Stones celebrated their 50th this year. I’d take their first 10 over their last 40 any day of the week.
  • The Kansas City Royals had a better win/loss record than….

One Response to “Random Thoughts by Molly’s Dad (Part 3)”

  1. Vanessa October 30, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    Hate to burst your Dad’s bubble…

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