November Bartender of the Month: Kendra from President’s Rock Club!

1 Nov

I got a few nominations for Kendra from President’s Rock Club for November bartender and I felt kind of guilty blogging about her without going in to get a beer from her first. So my best friend and I stopped in last night. Have to be honest, this was the first time I’d been inside this bar since it was Bad Abbotts. Super friendly atmosphere, and I loved the actual bar surface – cool pictures to look at (felt like Bill Clinton was watching me dine). It kind of has that Cheers thing going on, where everybody knows your name. In this case, Kendra knew my name because I told her I was coming by, but even still…very approachable person. She was smiling the whole time I was there and wasn’t the kind of bartender who you have to stare at for 27 minutes to get a drink. She was on top of her game, literally, she was wearing a baseball uniform Halloween costume. I was surprised by the menu, it had a lot of options for a bar. I’m a burger and fries girl, so I broke my diet to try one. My girlfriend had already eaten dinner and was picking at my fries even though she wasn’t hungry (they are addictive!). The burger was delicious and served on a fresh roll. Well worth the calories. I recommend stopping in and grabbing a bite! I went in kind of early, so while there wasn’t a live band playing yet (live music is what PRC is known for), there were still some good tunes playing on the jukebox. I give Presidents Rock Club two thumbs up and will absolutely be going back to hear some local live music… and you should, too!

So here is November’s featured bartender whom you should stop by and see, Kendra:

When can we catch you slinging drinks at PRC?

I Work every Wednesday Friday and Saturday at The Presidents Rock Club in Quincy Center.

Do you have a signature drink?

I don’t neccassarily have a signature drink but I love to make fun and fruity drinks. Some bartenders hate when people ask “make me something?!” But to me it’s like a challenge, and when you make something different and they love it, it’s pretty awesome. We sell $3 shots at PRC and I just got to make up the most recent one that I called Presidents Pineapple Surprise. It tastes  like fruit juice with a kick. Yum!

What’s your favorite drink to enjoy when you aren’t serving the thirsty bar patrons?

When I’m not slingin’ drinks all night and enjoying myself on the other side of the bar I usually go with Stoli O and soda water. Even better with a fresh orange slice in it!

What’s the craziest/weirdest or creepiest thing you’ve seen working as a bartender?

Every bartender in Quincy knows that working in Quincy Center you get some prrreetttyyy interesting characters that come through your bar. I always say that working Sunday nights and full moons are when the craziest things happen. Besides the fact that my bar has couches all over the place and I usually have to go wake people up and ask them not to sleep there, weird stuff happens all the time. A couple of weeks ago, I  had a gentleman come into my bar with his lady friend. I do not know what the relationship was because, let’s be honest… us bartenders see all kinds of interesting relationships. Well, as he was drinking his long island (one of my favorite drinks to make) he got angrier and angrier…he was muttering things under his breath that to me seemed liked death threats to everyone around him. After listening to him for about 10 minutes, I had to ask him if he was being serious about the things he was saying. He laughed it off and said he was just joking around trying to have a good time. By the time I walked by again, he was once more describing how he would seriously injure someone if they came near him including the lady he was with. At that point I had to ask him to leave! I didn’t know if he was just joking or seriously going to murder my entire bar! So I casually dumped out his drink turned around to print his tab and when I turned around he had run out of the bar! So not only did he totally creep me out and threaten to murder my customers, but he then stuck me with his $40 tab and uneaten chicken wings. That was the beginning of a grrreat night…you just have to laugh at the crazies sometimes! 

I feel like creepy things happen to bartenders all the time. Sometimes people forget that it is our job to smile, be nice and make whatever the customer asks for. People read into it and make it out to be more than it is. I am not going to lie, I have met some pretty awesome people while bartending in Quincy, and definitely met some not so awesome ones. It keeps it interesting!

Thanks for serving us, Kendra!


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