This “Like & Share” Bullshit is BULLSHIT!

1 Nov

This “like and share!” crap on Facebook is getting out of line, man! Look what I saw on my newsfeed the other day:

So apparently there were 605,741 stupid people logged into Facebook at the time that I saw this, and that number has probably exceeded 999,999,999 by now. Like, really?! Are you kidding me? Grandma will die if I don’t like and share this morbid meme thing? Because I always thought that grandma would die anyways because grandma is like 98 years old and that is what most grandmas and most people do!!! They die!!! People die eventually whether you like and share the meme or not!

This Facebook “like and share” bullshit is getting out of control. In the beginning I would see those military pictures being shared that depicted a widow laying on her deceased husband’s casket. And I would get teary eyed and “like” it and just scroll down real fast til I’d find a picture of a friend’s cute baby to make myself feel a little better. But this grandma picture just put me over the edge. Whose grandma is this? Does she know she’s on the internet? Does she know what the internet is? Does she call it “the net?”. If she does go on the computer, is Comcast her email provider and is “RedSox2012” her password? Because I feel that’s pretty typical of old people. Comcast email addresses are to old people as Boost Mobile is to white trash. Am I right?

Anyways though, I made my own “memes” or whatever they are called, in the hopes that people will share them.
Here they are:

Like and share all of these if you want to live for longer than 48 seconds after reading this post. Thanks, love you!


2 Responses to “This “Like & Share” Bullshit is BULLSHIT!”

  1. Vanessa November 1, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Oh God, you’re going to have the all of 10 Ryder Strong fan club members up your ass again!

    And LMAO and family heirlooms. That made me laugh. Stupid bowl.

  2. Caroline Galotti November 1, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    I fucking love this! Its so true. I also posted a hate status to all my facebook friends the other day…the ones that say “oh john doe is the best server at mcdonalds! He bought me french fries!” like what the hell instead of writing a post on mcdonalds facebook wall, why don’t you write a fucking email to the CEO and maybe John can get a raise. Also, instead of liking a sad picture of someone dying aka “1 prayer=1 like” why don’t you take out your motherfucking wallet and donate to the cause. I Hate Most People.

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