Vote on the Halloween Contest Top Picks!

1 Nov

I got a good 40 pictures of really awesome costumes from you people yesterday, so it was hard to pick out the ones I liked the best! Have to admit though, that the homemade ones are the best because of the effort put in. I went through all of the pictures with my friends, and my boyfriend a few times and we picked some of our favorites. Now I need you guys to help me out and vote on a winner! Please check out the costumes below, then answer the poll to pick your favorite! I will let the poll go until 6pm tonight. Final count at 6pm will reveal the winner of the contest, anything afterwards will not count. From that point I will contact the winner via email or Facebook. Thanks for participating and a special thanks to Katie Kickbutt from Commit 2B Fit Studio, The Presidents Rock Club, and Coffee Break Cafe!

Catdog! Love this one! It’s refreshing to see that not every girl dresses slutty on Halloween, rather as a cat and dog fused together. Plus Nicktoons have a special place in my heart. Good job ladies!

Razor Ramon. Not going to lie. I know NOTHING about wrestling, but my guy friends thought this dude did a good job. When I Google image searched, this looked like a pretty good comparison.

Chuckie Finster! Yessssssssssssss! I just hope she was a little less nasally than Chuckie.

Blind Melon bee girl. I can appreciate a good 90’s reference.

Baby New Year. Um, he’s not a baby anymore. Plus he sent an after the evening picture of himself, and even though he grew up, he still apparently LOVES the bottle.

Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down. “You named your kid after fuckin’ Titanic? Oh, wow you better be shittin’ me! What’s his name, fuckin’ Shrek?”

Elliot from E.T… Still my favorite movie ❤

80’s Glamour Shot (complete with the laser backdrop): My girlfriends and I laughed so hard at this. Super creative, this girl had the backdrop attached to her back! My mom has a picture of my siblings and I with the laser show backdrop. We thought it was so cool back in 1994. The tackiness was beyond us. Love it.

Time to vote!!!


2 Responses to “Vote on the Halloween Contest Top Picks!”

  1. sean connery's ballsack November 1, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    That joker pic that you posted the other day should win

  2. trollhunter November 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    I agree with sean connery’s ball sack.

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