Random Shit By Molly’s Dad Part 4: Election Day Special

6 Nov

Happy election day! Let’s try not to rip faces off. My dad wrote a blog for the election (AKA he wrote the same kind of blog he usually writes, but put in 4 or 5 somewhat political bullets). I mean it’s pretty obvious that the guy is voting for Obama. (Don’t take it seriously. It’s not meant to be. Don’t be ig-nant.) Anyways…

  • Saw a fat kid wearing a t-shirt that said “I Beat Anorexia”.
  • What’s up with tip jars in convenience stores?  Eh… really dude ?
  •  I liked Dunkin’s better when it was just coffee and donuts.
  •  And instead of throwing the wax paper away, why not put it in the bag, so that when you reach in, you don’t come out with a handful of jelly doughnut goo.
  •  What this country needs is more Drive-In theatres.
  •  It must be vexing for the Obama camp to never be able to come up with bad pictures of Romney for their negative attack ads because Mitt’s too good looking.
  •  Same goes for the Warren camp with Scott Brown.
  •  Channel 7’s Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard is probably Boston’s best weatherman since Dick Albert retired.
  •  McDonalds still makes the best French fries.
  •  Add Julie Chen to the list of celebs deserving of a custard pie to the puss, particularly when she’s earnestly describing how one of the houseguests just got over a roommate on Big Brother.
  •  How can we miss Oprah when she won’t go away?
  •  Al Gore had it half right. He did invent Global Warming, but NOT the Internet.
  •  I don’t see Tebow making it as a running back. As a Q.B. they don’t know if he’s going to throw, hand off or run. They know what he’s doing lining up as a RB.
  •  If Obama loses the election, maybe it will give him some time to do some of the stuff he really wants to do, like go on The View, Letterman, and play a little golf.
  •  Heard ‘Your Beautiful’ on the radio and I started weeping silently, then the song ended and the moment passed.

Things I’d love to hear a politician say:

I’ll never go on a fact finding junket to…. Hawaii….. or the Mediterranean.

Every able bodied person who receives any type or any amount of either government or state assistance will be required to perform community service until they find gainful employment.

You DID build that!!!

  • Hope Big Papi doesn’t go down with another ankle injury running the bases in Spring Training after the Sox just signed off on his 2 year deal.
  •  The Sox should have went after free agent Cody Ross. He was one of the few that brought the right attitude to the park everyday.
  •  If I ever open a bakery, I’m going to call it Honey Boo Boo Donuts.


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