I Committed 2B Fit & Now I Can’t Walk.

9 Nov

I’ve gotten more psychotic than usual after getting engaged on Sunday, and decided it was time to check out Commit 2B Fit Studio to get into wedding diet/workout mode. Now that my first bootcamp is over with, I want to tell you about my experience from the coziness of my desk…because I literally can barely walk. Well, I can…but I look like a penguin when I try. But that’s good pain, right?!

Now I’m the kind of person who will commit to things online, then be bullshit that I committed the day of the actual event. I’m really the most full of shit person, totally just all talk. And if there is anything I hate more than Vera Bradley, Chris Brown, and camel toe combined, it’s working out. Hate it. But Katie Kickbutt, the owner and fitness instructor at Commit 2B Fit is really motivating. Once she friends you on Facebook, she let’s you know how full of shit you are. Like for example, if I say that I’m crockpot’ing all day, Katie reminds me that I’m a bullshit artist because one hour at her studio is only 4% of my day. Damn. She figured me out. So I told her that I would commit on the website to this past Tuesday at 7pm, to which she eased up on me. I work really early, so I can’t do the 5am-6am sessions. 7pm or bust.

The morning of the bootcamp, I awoke in a great mood because it was my shorter day at work. Then I remembered that I had signed up for bootcamp and I was like “F word!!!!!!” in my head. Because I am just that lazy. My sister (who is a yoga, runner, vegetarian psycho), and my best friend came with me. My sister loves work out classes. I don’t even know how we are related. I swear my dad had an affair with Jillian Michaels in 1983, thus creating my sister before I was born. I like to go out for dinner and drinks, and my sister was actually spotted running around the Southern Artery during Hurricane Sandy last week. No lie. Anyways, I wasn’t excited about bootcamp because I hate to work out. I was determined to make it fun regardless of my disdain for working out. But as it turned out, I didn’t really have to attempt to make bootcamp fun, because it really was kind of fun. Katie had us sign our lives over to her, then showed us around the studio. For all you moms reading this: not having a babysitter is NOT an excuse. Katie has a kids’ room AND a babysitter, she’s got you and your little one covered.

The night that I went was a full class but there was plenty of room to stretch out without feeling like you are on top of each other. Best part: 90’s music bumpin’ while we work out. My sister was kind of nervous because burpees scare her. I told her to shut up because I hadn’t worked out in months and had no idea what the F a burpee was. She showed me in our driveway and I said “If those things happen, I’ll just say that I don’t want to upstage the other girls on my first night with my phenomenal burpee technique”. Turns out I didn’t upstage them with my insane upper body (or any body) strength (I have none), these girls know what’s up.

Back to the most shocking part of Commit 2B Fit: it was actually fun for me, a girl who hates working out. Sure, I was Captain of the SS Struggles in the back of the room, and made weird and awkward groaning noises, but I feel like people were laughing with me, not AT me. The entire work out goes by really fast, because it’s a fun atmosphere. If we didn’t know how to do something, Katie would show us how to. I watched her examples and would forget 10 seconds later, and she didn’t look like she wanted to punch me in the face for asking so many questions. That’s something I strive for, not getting punched in the face on a daily basis. My point is, you get a good work out in, while laughing at the same time. The funniest part was when Katie told me that I was in an advanced class. REALLLL funny. I think she was getting back at me for my crockpot excuse by not telling me that I was committing to an advanced class (just kidding, kind of). Commit 2B Fit is great because you don’t feel judged, even though it may be your first time working out since 1994. Best part: motivation. Some of the girls were saying how much weight they had lost since committing to be fit with Katie Kickbutt. You don’t feel like you are busting your ass for nothing. You are doing it for results. Katie was saying that she is starting a bridal bootcamp, and she already has a mom bootcamp, Zumba, flashmobs, and a bunch of other classes. Pick one you think you’d like and commit online today!

So, my advice to you: COMMIT 2B FIT OR DIE. Just kidding, you won’t die. Maybe you’ll die earlier later on if you don’t commit 2B Fit though 😉

Note: I apologize in advance for saying “Captain of the SS Struggles”. I’m  off to go stick my head in an oven for that one.


One Response to “I Committed 2B Fit & Now I Can’t Walk.”

  1. Katie Kickbutt McEvoy November 9, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

    Thanks Molly…this is great!
    If anyone is interested in Commit 2B Fit in Quincy…go to my website –

    Are you going to Commit again, maybe once you can walk again? 🙂

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