Turkey Day Eve: A Time To Be Grateful We Don’t Have To Drink In The Woods Anymore

20 Nov

I think when we reflect on our high school memories, we mostly recall those summer nights from where ever we hung out: Piney, White Rock, Montclair, the trail, the golf course, the mount, the rock, etc. But I ask that this Turkey Day Eve, you try to be grateful that we don’t have to drink in the fucking woods anymore. Everyone remembers the fires, and the awkward action, and the rest of the good shit. But no ever talks about the majority of time spent outside when we were minors: the long ass New England winters that last from pretty much November-March/sometimes April. The nights that you have to wear 17 layers to go stand around in an elementary school parking lot in 20 degree weather, waiting for a run from an older sibling, only for super cop to show up and crush your dreams. Sometimes it was worse: a run from Bugs after searching Wollaston for his smelly ass all day. Then you have to give him 4 Marbs, 5 of the beers when you already have 4 heads on a 30 rack, because you’re all broke. And once you are finally on your way to your spot, a cop pulls up and asks to look in your backpack (it’s how I lost an LL Bean bag that I’d had since 6th grade). Let’s remember that the only way to ignore the cold was to chug more Nasty Ice. And if you ran out, you were pretty much screwed. This was when “breaking the seal” was the biggest first world problem known to girl. Let’s try not to forget these nights as we drink in some local dive bar tomorrow night. Because while they were “the best years of our lives”, we were still really fucking cold.

Bugs, if you’re out there and know how to turn on a computer: fuck you. But if you’re dead, may you rest in peace.


One Response to “Turkey Day Eve: A Time To Be Grateful We Don’t Have To Drink In The Woods Anymore”

  1. Courtney November 20, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Lost my fave LL bean backpack the same way! Rip ll bean bag I miss u and your reflecting capabilities.

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