27 Nov

I don’t usually blog at night unless I’m accidentally three sheets to the wind on a weeknight while live-tweeting through reality shows. But tonight, the only thing I am drunk off of is whatever neurotransmitters are released through the bloodstream while fangirl’ing HARD for 90’s sitcoms. Okay, fine, I also had a goblet of wine because I was excited. But when I tell you this news you’ve probably heard about already, you will know exactly why I am so excited…

Ahem, so anyways, I am so excited because my inner 90’s girl has been awakened. Boy Meets World o-fficially has a sequel! And I know it’s real because Ben Savage fucking told me:

See? We are SO tight. Don’t let me get caught up bragging about my friendships with almost the entire cast of Boy Meets World though. I say “almost” because despite recent events, Rider Strong is still dead to me. This sequel made my day almost as much as the knowledge that Catfish is on at 11pm tonight did. Actually, I think it made my day even more than knowing I would get to witness idiots who only speak to their ‘soulmates’ online, without it ever occurring to them that they should Skype to make sure the man of their dreams isn’t actually an overweight lesbian who looks like her place of origin is Fraggle Rock.

Really though, how exciting is THIS?! I wonder which of the cast members will be back for round two. I guess the protagonist in this spin-off is Corey & Topanga’s daughter, who had better have some wacky name equivalent to Topanga’s. Feeney is still alive and kickin’, so I’m sure he’ll be creepin’ in the neighborhood like a total weirdo. Jonathan Turner had gotten into a motorcycle accident and I don’t recall if he was quite recovered or not, but paraplegic or not, the guy was definitely a diddler. I mean, he was supposed to be the contrast of Feeney…the “cool”, “hip”, younger teacher with the leather jacket. But let’s face it, Turner took in Shawn Hunter, the troubled, vulnerable kid with the mushroom haircut who longed for family so badly that he joined a cult (Boy Meets World really did have some far-fetched story lines, huh?). Seems like he was trying to gain Shawn’s trust a little TOO much, no? I just don’t buy it. Diddle me THAT, Turner. If Shawn is in the reboot, I’m sure he’s all emotionally weird now. Either that or he dates Eric. Either or. Calling it now.

Ugh, ever since 20 minutes ago when I first found out I just cannot get that annoying theme song from their awkward years out of my head. You remember:

When there’s boy meets woooorrrrrllldddd, boy meeeeetss worllddddd. Like, what a stupid song. Doesn’t even make sense. Anyways, I hope this sequel brings back all the other TGIF classics. God knows kids these days need more of Carl Winslow and less of this singing  Glee/High School Musical shit. Remember the good old days? When TGIF covered everything controversial…from the n-word spray painted on lockers, to troubled white trash cherry bombing mail boxes? That’s when TV taught us something. Corny songs don’t prevent bullying and hate crimes. Showing kids what really is going up is what did. I guess. I don’t know, I’m just biased with a minor wine buzz. But head change or not,  bringing back TGIF would definitely stop 10 year old’s from smoking meth on Friday nights. Fo sho.

Watch this new sequel be as solid as that Lifetime movie when Fred Savage played DJ Tanner’s abusive/possessive boyfriend. THAT was made for TV movie GOLD.

…Or watch it suck. Either way, Rider Strong is still dead to me.


3 Responses to “BREAKING 90’S GIRLS NEWS!!!!!”

  1. Deannafin November 27, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Why is Rider Strong dead to you?

    • Molly November 27, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

      He called me a psycho who is kind of mean.

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