Random Thoughts By Molly’s Dad Part 4 (or is it pt 5? I forget…)

29 Nov

My dad said that blogs I’ve been posting are “shit”, so he sent me his latest thoughts. He also thinks he deserves his own category in the drop-down box. Who does he think he is?!

  • I’m considering buying my first cell phone soon. Figure that way, I won’t have to wear a watch.
  •  Saw the Doors back in 72 on the Common shortly after Morrison passed. The band just wasn’t the same after Jim broke on through to the other side……
  •   Country Music started losing its identity years ago when Hank Williams Jr. and Marty Stuart infused a rock beat to it. It continues today with Kid Rock rocking it and Taylor Swift putting the pop in it. Not good.
  •  Can’t wait to see the reception Lackey gets from the “faithful” after his first poor outing.
  •  Losing power for days or weeks at a time after a storm looks like the new normal. Years ago, power would be restored within a few hours.
  •  It’s pretty bad when the Herald has to put the Patriots on its front page every day before a game to sell more papers. They used to put sports on the back page.
  •  And who cares what new movie made the most money over the weekend?
  •  Aside from in the movies, I’ve never seen a person waiting to eat at a table, with knife and fork pointed skyward, with a bib tied around his neck.
  •  3 NFL games on T.V. on Thanksgiving. Maybe next year they’ll put a 4th game on against the Macy’s Parade at 9:00 am ?
  •  If I was going to name a high school yearbook, I’d call it either Passages or Reflections.
  •  One of the Red Sox and Celtics biggest weakness is, is holding on to superstars too long.  Belichick never lets sentiment over players get in his way.
  •  The quintessential song of the seventies was “American Pie”.
  •  The thing I’m going to miss most about eating Twinkies is how good you felt afterwards…and having sticky fingers.
  •  Jon Bon Jovi has to be one of the coolest names in rock.
  •  Had a dream the other night. The Big Brother house was ravaged by a fire and there were no survivors. Fortunately the 600 cameras caught the carnage on tape, so there will be one more episode.
  •  Whatever happened to the Spin Doctors ?
  •  If I do buy a cell phone….I know it’s crazy…..but call me maybe?



Not sure what his deal is with the show Big Brother. I think maybe he’s against it because my mom makes him watch it with her?


One Response to “Random Thoughts By Molly’s Dad Part 4 (or is it pt 5? I forget…)”

  1. Marianne McKenna Kelley November 30, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    True Dat Tommy Mac – especially about sentimental-less Bill Belichek

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