I Love Responding to Rude Comments! Part 3

6 Dec



I think from now on I will just put all rude comments sent to me in their own category called “I Love Responding to Rude Comments!”. I just can’t contain myself from calling people out after they  call me out when they have ridiculous email addresses. Like, honest to fucking God, why don’t people change their email addresses after  middle school?! I gave up back when AIM went out of style. Everyone else needs to follow suit and get rid of these insane email addresses because if they don’t they will NEVER be taken seriously. Like yeah, maybe I am a “hypocritical cunt” like this girl Sarah says I am. My blog’s email is pretty lame. But her email address is All credibility for her argument is out the window. I mean, these kinds of email addresses scream trashy. For real. She doesn’t strike me as the type to know how to put a resume together, but if she does have one, do you think she puts this email address as a contact method on it? I would hope that this is just her personal/junk mail email address, and not her primary/professional one. I could never leave a comment somewhere leaving THAT as my email address. Get some shame, girl! At the very least make up an email that isn’t a flavor of the suckiest Wrigley’s gum, and maybe add an “@edu”. Feel free to drop Sarah a line at I think she needs a female friend to tell her when she’s being irrational, and maybe a career counselor.

I reached out to her myself:



One Response to “I Love Responding to Rude Comments! Part 3”

  1. Marie December 6, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    10 out if 10 times every “babygurl@…” or “hotblondie@…” is an overweight miserable bitch, usually over 40. Watch out when u call them on it….it REALLY pisses them off!

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