Top Search Terms This Quarter

6 Dec

So I check my site stats pretty regularly so that I can figure out audience trends. And it always cracks me up that people get to my site by accident more than they do by Googling “Because Molly Said So”. Like, if it weren’t for me using “Hello Kitty” as a search term in one of my blogs, over 5,000 people wouldn’t have stopped by. Which is why I’ve decided to start using “Kim Kardashian” and “Honey Boo Boo” in all of my search terms. Is that cheating? Yes, but it’s the American way. Check out the other search terms people typed into Google the last couple of months that brought them here:


Like, “family frame set”? “Carl Winslow”? So pumped to be associated with the black cop from Family Matters on the internet forever. Ahhh, it’s the small things.


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