Your Day Could Always Be Worse…

3 Jan

Usually I get pissed off when people say “It could always be worse!”. Like, yeah, no shit it could be worse. I live in a first world country filled with food and material things. Am I not allowed to have a bad day because someone else has it worse? I mean, I get that there are starving children in Africa, but do you have to guilt trip the shit out of me for complaining that I had to purchase produce from Star Market? Let me live. Let me complain! But in this person’s case, it IS worse:

dogNot only do they have dog shit frozen to their windshield, but they also have fuzzy pink dice with a matching steering wheel cover. Feel better about your day, now? It could always be worse. I mean how does one even go about cleaning frozen dog shit that is stuck to their windshield? The windshield wipers would just smear it all over the window. What I would do if I were this person, is wipe the shit off with the steering wheel cover, then burn the dice for good measure.


2 Responses to “Your Day Could Always Be Worse…”

  1. KingQuincy January 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    i had a frozen piece of bread stuck to my windshield last week. so weird.

  2. Michael January 3, 2013 at 11:13 pm #

    Is this person sure its frozen dog shit—Someone could have easily climbed up on there hood and dropped a #2–aka–Frozen human shit

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