The Negative Nancy

11 Jan

One kind of person that I’ll never understand– besides pathological liars, kleptos, and about 6,876 other kinds– is the Negative Nancy. Guess it’s the same thing as the Debbie Downer, but it’s NN in this blog. I actually have a friend named Nancy and for the record Nance, this is NOT about you. But anyways, I can’t see why anyone would want to be so negative all the time. The thing is, happiness is a CHOICE. People don’t seem to get that. It’s totally fine to be pissed off at the world every day, do you. But don’t think that anyone will want to be around you. I’ve hung out with (and ditched) people in the past who act like this. I try to point out the positive that can come from a bad situation my friends might be stuck in. The absolute most annoying thing ever is when someone shoots down every single positive word that comes out of your mouth. It’s like, yeah your situation fucking sucks, but are you going to do, lay down drunk and naked on your bedroom floor and listen to Jewel? Only trying to help you, bro.

Sometimes when people are always negative, I want to go the opposite route of positive and uplifting, and reiterate just how bad this person’s situation is. It’s like, what the fuck do you want me to say here? You flunked out of school/gained 50 pounds/cheated on your boyfriend/got fired/shit your pants. I tried to say repeatedly that it’ll be okay, and that you’ll bounce back in due time.  But instead, the Negative Nancy just fucking mopes around through life blaming everyone else and outside factors that have nothing to do with anything for their self inflicted problems. They can’t find fun or positivity in anything. Everything is lame and boring. Life is fucking terrible. They are always the ones whose Facebook statuses are about how they are making some cuts in the friendship department and big changes in their lives. And these statuses pop up on your newsfeed 10 times a week, so you creep on their page and it makes you feel better about your own life. Newsflash: No one is making you miserable. YOU are making you miserable!  No one and nothing can make someone unhappy. It’s a person’s responsibility to make themselves happy. If they can’t, they aren’t trying hard enough.

You see, everyone has a right to complain and bitch, I do it on my blog constantly. It’s sort of like therapy to bitch and moan. But when you are miserable ALL THE TIME, maybe it’s time to seek professional help. Get some Abilify. Do you. Actually, do ME because I don’t want to hear it anymore, and neither does anyone else. Nearly everything that happens in life is a direct result of our own choices. If you want to have friends, help yourself. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Except other Negative Nancy’s. Misery loves company and shit.


One Response to “The Negative Nancy”

  1. Heather Nesti January 11, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    You should have negative nancy status of the day/week/month!

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