January’s Bartender of the Month: Lynne!

16 Jan

I wasn’t surprised at all when people nominated Lynne for January’s bartender. I went into Cagney’s about a month ago and Lynne was working. She was super sweet and delivered impeccable service from the second Ryan and I sat down. So happy to introduce Lynne from Cagney’s in Quincy as 2013’s first featured bartender of the month! PS: So many smokeshow bartenders at Cagney’s! Nina was featured last July!

Here’s Lynne:


Where/when you can catch Lynne:

Behind the bar at Cagney’s 214 Washington Street in Quincy, every Saturday night, or per request at your next private party or function!

Do you have a signature drink?

Well, not long after I started at Cagney’s 7 years ago the “bomb” drinks were very popular. Jager bombs, Irish car bombs, Vegas bombs, you name it. Let’s face it, people just wanted to get bombed. Going with the flow, I came up with very own bomb. The “Sexual Predator”. The SP is one shot of chilled Fireball Cinnamon Whisky dropped into half a glass of Red Bull. It gives you a boost of energy with a fiery cinnamon kick and smooth whisky finish. Bound to make for a good night of prowling. To this day my boss still refers to me as “SP”.

What’s your favorite drink when you’re not busy serving the thirsty citizens of Quincy:

Well that is a loaded question since I do like to beverage often. Um, who doesn’t?!  You can usually find me with a Corona light, unless I’m getting crazy. If it’s going to be a crazy night I prefer Grey Goose cosmo’s or blueberry vodka and sodas. And never forget the chilled Patron silver shots. Patron is what truly gets the night started. And if I’m ever drinking white wine- run for the hills. White wine = White Girl Wasted for me which equals singing songs from Sister Act on a Sunday afternoon in the function room at Cagney’s. Yes folks, this happened back in December.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen as a bartender?

Honestly I do not think I can pin point one instance since every shift brings a new adventure. One thing I do know is that Quincy Point is the place to work! NEVER a dull moment.

You name it, I have probably seen it. People paying me with nickels and pennies, or trying to pay me with ripped, old money orders. People doing “the worm” out the front door. People falling asleep or puking on the bar. People having full-fledged  2 way conversations with themselves. People practically having sex on the bar. Extremely bad dancing. Awkward online dates. Painful FIRST and LAST dates. People doing karate and trying to teach me karate while I work.  People trying to take their clothes off. People passing sexually explicit notes on cocktail napkins around the bar. This list could go on for days. I truly think you have to actually possess a little “crazy” to be a bartender. It must be a qualification in the job description.

Creepy. Any more creepy stories?

Creepy- let’s try a poop your pants, scared out of my mind story. So one night we had closed and were doing our usual cleanup/stocking activities. I sat down to figure out some paperwork and heard what sounded like a sneeze. So I looked at my boss and said “did you hear that?!” My boss doesn’t even think twice and responds “Don’t worry, that is just the automatic air freshener in the restroom. It goes off every couple minutes.”  So we carry on with our closing routine and then I hear it again. A “sneeze like” sound coming from the restroom.  I look at my boss again and he stares back at me. My boss then proceeds to open the door to the men’s restroom. As he gets into a stance where he looks like he is about to beat the ever living sh*t out of someone, he screams “Lynne – grab the phone – call the police!” (So for any of you that know the staff at Cagney’s – we are big jokesters. We all get along very well and are constantly laughing or making fun of each other – so I never take any of them too seriously.) So in true Lynne fashion, I don’t listen to my boss and I walk over to look at what he sees.  As I shriek like a 5 year old school girl, I observe that a high class Quincy gentleman had passed out on the toilet and had just woken up. We clearly did not realize this at the time and thought for sure he had hung out to try and rob us. So the dude proceeds to stumble out of the restroom and walk in a zig zag fashion towards the front door as I sprint behind the bar looking for some kind of weapon. (Would a muddler do damage?) We didn’t even have to escort this “gentleman” out or get the police involved. He walked out of the building and my boss and I literally fell to the ground in complete and utter laughter. First of all, who falls asleep on a toilet at a bar? (Some moron  respectful citizen of Quincy Point) Secondly, who doesn’t listen to their boss when he tells you to “call the police”!? (Yep, this guy  a well-trained and obedient employee)


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