More Dealbreakers

18 Jan

Last year I wrote a blog about dealbreakers and today I have something to add to the list. It came up when I was listening to a friend of mine tell a story last night. She met a guy she was kind of into and they started casually talking on the phone and texting. He is an Irish guy with a brogue which she said makes him even funnier. Things in their conversation were normal and she was feeling pretty good about him, though wasn’t too serious about him either. She basically just wants to enjoy herself. So she spent one night this week chatting with him via text and was getting a kick out of this dude when suddenly the dude pulls a move that is a game changer. Out of nowhere he sent her this picture:

hairShe looked at her phone with a disgusted expression on her face, totally thrown for a loop. What the F is that? It’s not even funny. What does that have to do with anything they were just talking about? Why would he think that’s okay? Is this guy a sex offender? Is he a nympho? What is going on? She stares at her phone, dumbfounded probably waiting for him to send another text asking her to request him on Myspace (since everyone knows that unless you are an internet rapper, Myspace is for serial killers).  Since she didn’t know what to say after this picture, she sent him the see no evil monkey emoji. She then asked “why?”, and he just said it was funny and she should like it. She asked him why in the world she would like that? There was nothing sexual being spoken about. This picture is creepy and had just killed their conversation for the night.

So there you have it, another dealbreaker: Sending disturbing sexual pictures about hair pulling with the word “preschoolers” in it to a girl you only JUST met. Or any sexual pictures that are not funny by any means totally out of nowhere. No brogue on this planet could take away the awkwardness that is this picture. Chivalry is dead and the game is over, bro.


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