Children Are Deeply Insane & I LOVE It.

22 Jan

This morning I was delighted to drive by some child who had to have been about 8 or 9 years old, dancing alone at his bus stop. He was in the zone. His face was dead serious, and he had some sweet moves, even doing one of those side 70’s peace sign  slowly across his face, about an inch from his eyeballs. I almost got into a car accident watching this little maniac dance his heart out. It was just so refreshing to see someone partake in such an activity at 8am. Adults are usually bullshit in the morning, live tweeting their first world problems, screaming out their car windows, bitching about their coffee being burnt, taking their pharmaceuticals to get them through their day. But not kids. Kids are miserable only the first few minutes of their day while their moms are first waking them up, if even. Then it’s cracked out city. They run around, dance alone at bus stops, eat their sugary cereal which only makes them even crazier, walk around screaming weird shit that’s on their mind. And it’s totally acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged because it’s considered imaginative, which is a great thing that we lose along the way. Children can act as socially unacceptable as they want because they’re just children and they “don’t know any better”, although sometimes I swear they look at you in a way that tells you that they do in fact know better. Why can’t I do that? I want to walk around screaming about weird shit, belting out random theme songs, making weird art that makes no sense but everyone wants to put on their fridge regardless, dancing alone on main roads without giving one fuck whose watching, wearing mismatched everything. Kids really have it made. I hope moms partake in their children’s craziness at least 10 times a day. It probably helps maintain sanity to act out your mood so freely.  Sometimes my 7 year old niece says the most outrageous shit and I’m like ‘What are you even talking about?! You’re totally nuts! If an adult said that, they’d surely have no friends!”.  She names her Barbies the most random shit, like “Tinsel” and “Ornament” and just last week she screamed in my face “YA BETTER NOT GET PREGNANT BEFORE YA WEDDING!!!!!!!!” then proceeded to laugh like a maniac and run off into her playroom. Now if some adult screamed this in my face, I would think they were rude, nosy and/or had some kind of a syndrome. But kids can get away with saying whatever they want at all times. They are so insane that it almost makes me want to have one. Until I get stuck behind a school bus and I become that adult screaming profanities in my car at a bus driver who can’t hear or see me, while I live tweet the entire thing during a red light. Adults are the animals while children are busy dancing their way into adulthood. Bless their deeply insane little hearts. What the fuck happens to us that we can’t dance alone at bus stops without people thinking we are degenerate drunks? Why can’t we act happy?!



2 Responses to “Children Are Deeply Insane & I LOVE It.”

  1. Kb January 22, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    I don’t think I ever grew up ! So I had kids just so I could continue to act exactly like the children you are writing about. Hey I might seem a little weird but you know what I don’t give a crap 🙂

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