23 Jan

Ever watch that show Bridezillas? I’ve seen a few clips and I cannot for the life of me understand who the fuck would marry these women. I also don’t understand who would want to be friends with these women, but I’m guessing their friends are just as insane as they are so it kind of makes sense. These brides act manlier than their husbands do. They throw the c-word around like it’s the word “the”, they fist fight, they spit, they verbally assault their fiances, they scream in their deep Staten Island accents. It’s so gross. I can’t imagine ever putting my friends through that shit and if they put me through it, I would just bail on being a bridesmaid. Seriously. I cannot take these bride horror stories. Listen ladies, your friends are doing YOU a favor by being in your wedding. They are investing a lot of time and money into supporting your big day. So be kind or stand at the altar with no girls at your psychotic side! Invest in cats. Yes it is your day, but don’t act like you’re the queen for the duration of your engagement every time you hang out with your friends. It’s the same thing as celebrating your birthday for an entire month.

When I picked my bridesmaids I knew that no feelings would be hurt because I included all of my best friends. Literally.  There are 9 girls in my wedding. Obnoxious? Hell yes. But I wanted all of them with me throughout this entire process. I asked them to come by, gave them personalized letters, as well as a ring pop, and asked them to marry me as a friend. Then we pounded down wine and beers. Class. I wasn’t sure all of them would say yes because like I said, time and money are a factor and two of them are in other weddings this year. I was obviously feeling pretty lucky when they all said yes. I let them know that if they miss a few meetings during the year, it would be no big, as long as they were at the shower and bachelorette party. I understand it is hard to get 9 busy girls with varying schedules to all meet the same day. I also told them they could figure out the dresses as long as it was the color I chose and in the end, I approved of it. My approval is pretty easy to attain: don’t dress like total whores because we are going to be in a church. That’s it. I don’t need all 9 girls with me when I decide to try on dresses. Just my mom, sister and if anyone else wants to join, they can.

The wedding is one day. Not even. It’s a few hours. Is it worth verbally abusing and beating on loved ones for a year leading up to it? Bridezillas be crazy. If you have any good bridezilla stories, send them my way and I will share them all in a post. Love drama when I’m not involved in it!!

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2 Responses to “Bridezillas”

  1. Kristina January 23, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    I was going to vote for you until I saw this one…. Just kidding. Totally voted for you. Tank u Jesus!

    “It was University of Hawaiis senior volleyball night n I was da only sr.I was stressed preppin cuz evry1 in HI knows dat UH sends off their Sr.’s in a BIG way. Mornin of sr. nite was my uncle’s funeral n it was a goin-Home service.He was a Christian and so it was a celebration of him going to Heaven.Later dat nite we won da game, da team did a dance, and I got a plaque.I thot I was done but my besfren/teammate gave a heartfelt speech n blindfolded me.She rolled out a box n den told me to lift da box.As I did I saw my BF on all 4s under da box, starin up @ me w/ puppy dog eyes in a blue long-sleeved shirt and tie n dress pants.He stood up and in a microphone sed,”Da las 3 yrs hav been awsum,I’ve nevr met anybody more humble, more caring, more luvin, who luvs God even more, so now I ask u (getting down on 1 knee) will you marry me?”I sed yes,My teammates threw confetti,da 7000 fans clapped n screamed,n I was overjoyed.Tank u Jesus!”

    • Molly January 23, 2013 at 4:38 pm #


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