The Pocket Dial

24 Jan

If you’re like me- lazy, ridiculous, and a total slob- you probably don’t have a password on your phone. It’s just too much of a hassle. Ain’t nobody got time for that. First world problems. So because of my choice not to have a password, I am that friend that pocket dials the shit out of everyone once a day. I will be walking around and hear “Hello?! Hello?! Molly?!…” coming from the inside of my pocketbook or jacket pocket. The voice of my confused friends. Oops, another pocket dial. Ever pocket dial your work after calling out sick when you roll over onto your phone in your sleep? Awkward! It’s best to keep your phone on the nightstand I guess. I actually pocket dialed my coworker at 3am from Foxwoods a few weekends ago. Poor dude is a grandfather whose sleep was rudely interrupted by my bum as I sat on top of my phone while playing penny slots. Degenerate.

While pocket dialing is annoying for the person on the receiving end, I sometimes take it as a sign when I do it. Like maybe the person I am pocket dialing has an important message for me. The other day I pocket dialed a Facebook check in to the bar while I was walking to my car after work. How does that even happen?  Anyways, I took it as a sign and cracked a bottle of wine when I got home from work. Thanks for the suggestion, Suri.

I don’t know what “Liox” means, but I’m determined to find out.



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