The Art of the Sunday Funda

31 Jan


There is nothing that females love more than a good Sunday Funday. Sadly, I can longer participate in this weekly tradition, as I now work Sundays at a 2nd job to pay for chair covers and flowers and other wedding things, because us females also love spending what could be a down payment on a house, on one day of our fucking lives. So anyways, I had to give up my Sunday Fundays. Gasps all around! What kind of a 25 year old Monday-Friday working girl would ever give up her Sundays?! I’ll tell you: A BROKE ONE. As someone who can no longer Funday the shit out of a Sunday, I feel like it is my obligation to tell all the non weekend working girls to get the fuck out there this Sunday, and get in the game of pretending to watch the game as an excuse to drink.

First off,  what exactly is a Sunday Funday? We see our friends hashtag it, status it, and Instagram picture upload Sepia full champagne glass about it every day of the Sabbath. Well people, a Sunday Funday is when we try to tame our hangovers from Saturday night by drinking mimosas in the South Boston or Dorchester area from 11am on. It is more than a day that we wake up to perform our regular activities of tweeting/bitching about work. It is a weekly excuse to get drunk the day before we go back to work. It is a defense mechanism that prepares us for Monday. It is denial of the fact that we will work for another 50 years before we are allowed to retire, then die.  Another term for Sunday Funday is “Brunch With The Girls”. A Sunday Funday is the art of washing down an omelette with 7 red Sangrias in under 45 minutes, only to bar hop to the next establishment. (Note that it is acceptable to move on to beer after the transition from one bar to the next). Pack your Tums and remember to check you and your girls in on Facebook after every threshold you might cross.

If you are in the same position as me, your boyfriend might give you shit for your Fundaying. “How the hell can you drink at 12 in the afternoon after the weekend we just had? So gross.”  Well, don’t call the kettle black, boys. You have a Sunday Funday, it just starts a few hours after you have already slept through your hangovers and you call it something else. Starts with an ‘F’ and ends with an “ootball”. That’s right, the game is a Sunday Funday that you think excuses you from being a socially acceptable drunk on a day of rest. But guess what? It’s still a fun day on a motherfuckin’ Sunday. Call it whatever you want. It’s a Sunday Funday sans the mimosas and eggs,  add in Budweisers and wings. Even when football is over, they find some excuse to drink and eat shitty foods on a Sunday. My boyfriend had his friends over to watch every single Christopher Nolan Batman movie this past Sunday. I come home from work to empty Pizza Connection calzone boxes and empties all over my coffee table. A little nerdy, but still an excuse to Sunday Funday. Remind your mans of THEIR VERSION of Sunday Funday next time he’s bitching that your friends are blowing up your phone at 9am Sunday morning.

The saddest part of the Sunday Funday is the end of Sunday Funday. But no woman, no cry, bitches. There is a solution. And that solution is weeknight trivia. A place where you go to “stimulate your mind and brush up on useless knowledge” to prepare for work the following morning. At least that’s what you tell yourself. As long as you’re in bed by midnight and sip that light brew slowly, you’ll use no sick days 😉


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