Wedding Vendor Recommendations (so far)!

14 Feb

Since it’s a day of love, I figured I would talk about some wedding things. When I get great service at restaurants I like to shout the restaurants out. The same will go for when I get exceptional service from some of the vendors I am using for my wedding! Hopefully if there are any newly engaged couples out there reading this, they will take me seriously (for once) and look further into some of my vendors =)

Because it’s still early on in the wedding planning (wedding date is in November), I will probably update  every few months just to talk about the process of planning a wedding. I am hoping that it will make things easier for girls like me who have no wedding planner to read about someone’s planning process. Since wedding planning is more than slightly traumatizing,  it is a huge weight off when you have helpful vendors that you can trust from the day you meet with them. I actually got some great recommendations  from readers, and am even using one of them, so any little bit of advice helps! One of the vendors in particular that was recommended to me that I wanted to shout out today was Conte Sound Production.

So I decided to contact Kristen Conte of Conte Sound after HOURS of going though wedding photography websites. This was a hard decision because I saw so many beautiful pictures and spoke to so many nice photographers. But ultimately I decided that I wanted a video. A lot of people advised me not to bother getting one because we ‘d ‘only watch it once’. Well, guess what? I used to watch my first communion on repeat when I was little because I’m egocentric so I want a video of my big day to pop in when I want to! That’s just me. I didn’t want to hire a videographer separately, I wanted a package from one team of people that I could trust. Conte Sound Production is a husband and wife team, complete with a videographer as well as back up people in case anyone gets sick. What I liked about Conte Sound Production from the get go was they offer really reasonable packages: $3300 for photographer, videographer, and a DJ. If you’ve ever researched wedding budgets, you KNOW this is a good deal.  Another plus: Tom Conte, the DJ, sings! Even better is that he sings Frank Sinatra (my favorite, as well as my parents favorite – double win). I am kind of into the older music, so I think the singing is really cool (Kristen played us a demo, he is REALLY good)!

If you go to the Conte Sound Production website (link in the second paragraph), you can click on “website” to view some samples of Kristen’s work. She  provides you with the option of traditional or fun. I like to think I am a fun person, (although really fun people probably don’t debate with themselves if they are fun) so when I went to Rhode Island to meet Kristen and Tom, I was so happy to see more of Kristen’s work hanging in her studio. One in particular  that caught my eye was a shot of a bride and her bridesmaids drinking at a bar, sitting on stools, their backs to the camera, heads titled toward the ceiling, drinking beers. While some might opt for something more formal, my bridesmaids are a crazy group of girls, so I love these kinds of shots. It reminded me a little of the movie poster for Bridesmaids. Best part is, if you like the traditional look better, like I said, Kristen can do that as well. She clearly has an eye for both!

Like most guys, Ryan isn’t so into the planning aspect of the wedding. So I was very happy that Ryan seemed to enjoy himself when we met with Kristen and Tom. They make you feel totally comfortable, they answer all questions you have upon meeting them, and let you know that they will be there to help you if you have more questions along the way. And how do we know they are “legit”? They were just awarded as The’s 2013 wedding picks, which is a huge accomplishment for wedding vendors. Kristen and Tom made us feel at ease with some of the biggest parts of planning: photography, videography (they have a videographer!), singing DJ, and uplighting (yes, we opted for the uplighting…it makes the entire room and Conte Sound Production has a package that includes uplighting, so why not?!). We look forward to working with Kristen and Tom’s team and of course I will review further about Conte Sound AFTER our wedding in case anyone wants more details…9 more months to go, but who’s counting?!

Brides To Be: Go look at Conte Sound Production’s packages on their website, as well as on Facebook to learn more about them: Conte Sound Production on Facebook!


One Response to “Wedding Vendor Recommendations (so far)!”

  1. Alexandria February 15, 2013 at 12:30 am #

    Dammit! I could have used this Advice a few months ago! I’m paying more than that for Dj and photographer without video 😦

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