Get A Job.

20 Feb

I’ll probably get bashed in the comments for this, but I was speaking to a friend the other day about how frustrating it is to see people with no work ethic complain about not having money. I guess before I begin ranting that I should clarify that I am not talking about people with disabilities who cannot work and I am not talking about students and I am not talking about moms who have the means to stay at home with their children. Who I am talking about are the young adults sitting on their bums thinking that an incredible offer for an easy, high paying job will come to them. Now on with the rant!

Ahem! There is little that drives me more insane than hearing a young person with no job bitch about their lack of funds. There is also little that drives me more insane than hearing a young and physically capable person is sitting at home all day, collecting unemployment (oddly bragging about it on social media), and not leaving the house other than to go tanning or get their nails done. I work quite a bit, and the last time I went tanning was prom. I guess that’s because I am pale, but for the sake of this argument I think that going tanning and getting a mani/pedi are luxuries, not priorities. Sure, treat yourself from time to time. It’s good for the soul. But if you are collecting unemployment, complaining about being broke and not being proactive about finding another job, then please refrain from checking into fucking Fancy Nails and uploading your Lincoln Park After Dark sausage fingers on Instagram. No shame in unemployment if you paid into it and are being proactive about bettering yourself while you are between jobs. But give me a break with the year long vacation.

Have you ever had a discussion with one of these people? The excuses I have heard for the lack of a job drives me even more mad.

  • The first excuse: “I can’t find anything in my field”. Yeah, no shit. Welcome to everyone else’s problem. Chances are, if you majored in a liberal artsy field it  is going to be tough to find something in said field. Trust me, I went to school for Psychology and Criminal Justice. Not finding something in your field doesn’t mean you don’t work. You get online and apply for an attainable job in a different field. Get an internship. How is it going to look when you do find a job you want and you are on an interview and your resume has a year long gap between jobs? Hint: It looks like you are lazy.
  • The second excuse: “The only place hiring is Dunkin Donuts”. Well, it beats watching Maury all day. What makes anyone who isn’t working think that they are above a certain position? Sure, maybe it’s a shitty job. Maybe you are overqualified for it. But beggars cannot be choosers. Get a shitty job temporarily while you search for something better.
  • Excuse number 3: “I’m thinking of going back to school”. You can only think about going back to school for so long. Stop thinking about it, formulate a plan and then do it. If you don’t have the means to go back and cannot take out loans for whatever reason, then get realistic, get a shitty job, and figure it out from there. Stop prolonging your unemployment with the back to school bullshit. If you are going back to school, don’t say you are thinking about it for 5 years. Just do it. And this time, think long and hard about what jobs are in demand before wasting more time and more money just because you have nothing else to do with your time. Unless money is not something you seek, in which case I find you to be a psycho, but that’s totally fine, I guess.
  • Excuse number 4: “I don’t have a car”. Obviously you don’t have a car! You don’t work! Take the fucking bus. When you work, you can save money and buy a car. Life is funny like that. A vehicle is a luxury that costs money and if you don’t have income, you can’t afford a car. It’s a vicious circle. Thank God for public transportation, right?

It kind of scares me that there are people in my age bracket who have no motivation. The 20’s are supposed to be the years that we are the most career driven. You know, building our futures and shit. Frightening that some people who are 25 years old have never held a job for more than a few months. That is a huge problem. If you are young and unmotivated, how is your future looking? People don’t change that drastically, people need to force themselves to get going now. Here’s the main thing: where we are in life is where we put ourselves. We cannot blame outside factors for our own circumstances. I read this quote the other day that perfectly describes it:

period1Get out there, create a resume, get on, Simply Hired, Linked In, or SnagAJob and get a fucking job! Because no one likes a mooch. No one.


One Response to “Get A Job.”

  1. Mel February 20, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    Well said Molly, well said…

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