February’s Bartender of the Month: Sarah!

28 Feb

I know Sarah on a personal level (I swear, I don’t just pick friends and feature them, she was nominated legitimately). Sarah has been a hustler since the age at which it is legal to work. She worked at Mr Sub’s back in the day and her Gobblers were amazing. And if you are thinking something dirty right now, get your mind out the gutter. Anyways, now she is a bartender at Fox & Hound and her bubbly personality wins over the patrons she is serving! Here is Sarah:


Where/when you can catch her:

Fox and Hound in Quincy during lunch and dinner Monday and Friday, as well as  Saturday and Sunday night.

Do you have a signature drink?
I would say I make an absolutely delicious Lemon Drop Martini and Espresso Martini. They are my personal favorite drinks so I’ve definitely tested enough of them to be able to perfect them.

What’s your favorite drink when you’re not busy serving the thristy citizens of Quincy?

I love trying different speciality drinks when I go out, but my good ol’ reliable is a Captain Morgan and Diet Coke with a lemon. (Also my two signature martinis of course )

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen as a bartender?

I worked down Marina Bay for almost 4 years so I have seen some messed up people. I used to sit upstairs in the function room and sit at the windows with a drink and watch people stumbling out of the bars. I have seen two extremely obese men try to fist fight, girls in high heels getting stuck in the boardwalk and face planting, and someone setting off fireworks in the gazebo. One night a man was hammered and started walking through the tables on the patio and putting change on customers’ tables. I had to have the chef escort him out. He came back twice afterwards and I had to call the cops. I have had guys sitting upright fall asleep on the bar. Another night a guy was doing voodoo hand gestures to his lobster mac and cheese.

Any creepy stories?

My first night back from vacation, this guy in his late twenties/early thirties came into my bar. The other bartender told me he had recently been coming in often, just not on my shifts. My co-worker told me he was a little wierd like mumbling to himself, always in and out of the bathroom and constantly outside smoking, but told me that he was completely harmless and nice enough. I took his opinion with a grain of salt and decided to just keep my eye on him. After awhile, I started to get a really bad feeling about this guy and asked a male co-worker to stay with me while I closed up. I didn’t want to be stuck alone with him. He started asking me questions like if I was from Quincy (I am born and raised), did I go to school, etc. and the one that really creeped me out was when he asked, ” SO…you got kids?” I don’t and told him that. His response, “Oh so you’re not a typical Quincy girl? That’s good for me.” I got really creepy feeling in my stomach and told him that we were closing up and he had to go. He got annoyed, finished his beer and left. He has come back to my work after that twice. Once he was hammered and was asked to leave and the second he tried to start a fight with a bartender’s ex. Needless to say when he comes in now he doesn’t get served.

Thanks for serving the fine citizens of Quincy, Sarah!


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