Re-changed My Mind About Taylor Swift…Again.

6 Mar


Remember when I changed my mind a little bit about Taylor Swift? Well, I changed it back to my original opinion of her when I heard that she queened out over Tina Fey poking fun at her relationships at the Golden Globes. Yup, she started babbling about mean girls and taking feminist quotes out of context. My original opinion of Taylor was that she’s overrated and boring. Now I also think she can’t take a joke, which is probably one of the worst traits someone can possess. I mean, Taylor Swift has brief romances with everyone and their cousin, then sings about it. I should have gone with my first instinct: that Swifty was trouble when she walked in. She cannot dispute that she uses her ex boyfriends as inspiration. Who fucking cares if she does? If I could exploit my exes and get paid for it like she does, I’d lock myself in my room at my mom’s to get that whole teenage heartbreak effect, and write songs in my Lisa Frank diary all day. Teardrops on my guitar type of shit. The least she can do is own her signature move, embrace it, and joke about it. Or she should just stop doing it. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen Swifty. As for the Madeleine Albright quote that she used to fire back at Tina Fey:

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

…stop it, Taylor. This quote is not relevant to this situation at all. I am sure Madeliene Albright was speaking about something much more important than Hollywood gossip. You know, like women who are REALLY in need of help. Global sisterhood and what not. Women should help each other, but you can go to hell with your go to hell talk. Women shouldn’t relate lighthearted jokes made by Tina Fey to inspiring feminist quotes. I mean, that’s just like the rules of feminism.

So Taylor: Get over yourself, and Harry Styles. And I want my pink shirt back. I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK!

pink shirt


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