Save The Dates & Things

14 Mar

I knew that wedding planning would be a pain in the non existent balls, in a fun way, but then I ordered my save the dates. I can’t complain too much because I have an amazing friend who wrote all of them out (we are talking handwriting that should be a font on Microsoft Word). All 200 of them. But let’s face it, I can find pretty much anything to complain about. My only job was to verify addresses,  put my return address stickers on the envelopes , stick the save the dates in them, then seal them. You would think that I would purchase one of those envelope sealing stampers, but fuck that. I needed a sign that I was meant to be on this earth, and that I was marrying the right man. So I decided to go the route of Susan. You know, the old fashioned way: lick every single envelope to seal it. Well, I am still alive and also received no paper cuts on my tongue, so I think this is fate.

Hopefully I survive the wedding invitation. Those contain some heavy duty sealant.


One Response to “Save The Dates & Things”

  1. Fallon March 14, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

    Use a damp sponge ! That works and it is much quicker!

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