Bartender of the Month of March: Jarlath from Paddy Barry’s!

18 Mar

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, I introduce you to Jarlath (straight from Ireland!) who works the bar at Paddy Barry’s in Quincy Center. He also happens to be my dad’s neighbor, and my dad is a pretty good judge of character so Jarlath is okay in my book! Here he is:


Where/when we catch you behind the bar?

I’m a bartender at Paddy Barry’s Irish Pub, 1574 Hancock Street in Quincy Center Monday nights, Friday nights and every other Saturday night.

Do you have a signature drink?
My specialty is a fruit salad shot (stoli razz, stoli-orange, banana liquor, cranberry & oj). I came up with the recipe one winter night out of boredom, now it’s our best selling shot.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen as a bartender?
Well, the funniest would be the night some random elderly lady walked in…she just started dancing. Didn’t even order a drink. The guys at the bar started cheering her on…until she decided it would be a good time to take her top off…at which point the same guys started yelling at her to put her clothes on. I put her in a cab-no one should see a woman their grandmothers age naked. The second funniest is more ironic-I was bar tending one Saturday and a man came up to the bar & ordered Blue Moon. He looked familiar and I realized he looked like the guy from the “hoppa” commercial for the Dish cable-so I asked him if anyone ever told him he looked like him…he said “Yeah, cause it’s me!” Great guy-very friendly.


Any other creepy or funny behind the bar stories?

Any creepy stories die with me! For the most part what happens here stays here & a good bartender never tells!
Jarlath Waters: Quincy resident native of Ireland & your dad’s favorite neighbor! Was behind the bar this weekend Friday night and Sunday night for the post parade crowd!


2 Responses to “Bartender of the Month of March: Jarlath from Paddy Barry’s!”

  1. Chris March 18, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    He’s too modest, so I’ll tell you Jarlath is also one heck of a dart player. I’m proud to know him as a player and a dart team captain in the Minuteman Dart League.

  2. John Fealey March 18, 2013 at 4:21 pm #


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